Hello everyone :) Missed you!!!

peanut01(7VA)August 26, 2012

Hello old timers and newbies!!! I've been away for a while but have been lurking and just haven't been able to post very much so to changes in work schedule and other responsibilities. I am still growing plenty of hoyas purchased and swapped from many of you all on this site. Some plants have done better than others and some didn't make it, but I don't give up until I kill at least three;) I just want to let all the new folks know that this forum has the best members so don't worry about looking elsewhere for hoya assistance or just some great people to chat plants with. And to all the old timers, I've missed you guys and will be sure to start being active again. I've had some new bloomers this year including 'Merrili', Pachyclada, Obovato, and Obscura(oh so worth the wait). Also all the tries and true hoyas have bloomed as usual such as Numms(last fall), all my Lacunosa and Carnosa, Wayetti, DS-70, Brevialata, Davidcummingii, Multiflora, and Linearis. I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to getting to know all the new members that I haven't spoke with in the past. Take care and have a great evening/morning depending on your locale.

-David K

PS - I've noticed the exchange place is a ghost town and I posted a couple wants there and have lots to offer.

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Welcome back David!


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Greetings 7a to 7a! I'm a total newbie, so welcome back and glad to meetcha. The great people on this forum are graciously helping me along. Got my first cuttings from Joni week before last and haven't killed any yet. There is hope...

You have a lot of plants to trade. You must have a huge property - or a very crowded one! ;-)

Lesley (aka "Oh! my bloomers!")

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Nice to meet you! ~ Mary

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Welcome back David. I think it's been a slow summer around here but things should pick up again soon. Congratulations on the first time bloomers.


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Welcome back David. I was wondering where my fellow Virginian had gone.


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Hey Mitzi! Is spring coming up soon? Summer is almost over here.

Lesly - The hoya bug is easy to get bitten by, so sometimes it is easy to over whelm oneself. Especially in the winter without a greenhouse. The hoyas that make it through every winter inside I consider the tough bunch and I am happy to grow those. Isn't Joni awesome?

Mary - nice to meet you as well and best of luck growing. You seemed to amass a great collection.

Susan - I've just kind of been hunkering down with all the cuttings I acquired. As we all know some grow almost immediatelly and some just sit there for a season or two. I recently was able to make cuttings to fill out a lot of pots that just had that single vine going straight up a bamboo shoot. I also lost about a half a dozen in a 'derecho' that we had a couple months past, I hope you didn't get much Susan.

Mike - I thought Obscura smelled like a fruitier version of Lacunosa. Not quite Fruit Loops but close. Do you know if all Subcalva are scented like grapes or if it is only a specific variety or IML #?


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Hi David,
I joined this forum just about time you were going on hiatus, but read plenty of your posts. People here missed you!
Welcome back!


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David, welcome back, we missed you.

BTW - I've got some serpens (probably) true seedlings that are just getting big enough to mail. Let me know.

I say probably cause the lady that sent me the seeds didn't pollinate herself, she doesn't remember if any other Hoya was in bloom, but she doesn't think so.


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Hi David! Nice to meet you! :) I only started posting to this forum in May, after lurking for quite some time, so I'm one of the new ones. It's nice to see you're back! :)

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I think my large vigorous variety of Hoya obscura smells like fruity perfume, just love that plant. My smaller grower with the flowers that are more orange does not have as many flowers or as fragrant flowers as the larger grower.
I have yet to flower subcalva but they should all smell relatively the same. There can anyway be plants that produce more or less scent as well. This has always been one of the Hoyas that really hates the change in seasons. My plant drops leaves every year and is a pain in the butt at times.


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Welcome back, David...I sure have missed reading your postings..but, I'm glad it wasn't due to something bad. I tend to worry when folks stop posting for a number of weeks..glad to hear that you're okay. Good job with blooming those hoyas..I've never gotten my H. linearis to bloom...it grows rapidly, but no inclination to bloom. Glad you're back! Fondly, Patrick

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Welcome back, David! Congrats on all of the blooms :). It's funny, obscura was one that didn't do so well for me, but I just *might* have to try it again one of these days. Right now, I'm all out of room and it's hard to believe that in a month or two, my Hoyas and other house plants will be back inside. Again, welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you post more!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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