Black and Blue Salvia

christy2828(8a)May 9, 2007

Just placed an order at Burpee for Black and Blue Salvia. It was a 3-pack for 15 bucks. They arrived in excellent shape and packaged nicely. Just wanted to share :) Christy

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I moved most of my Black and Blue Salvia out of my flower bed because it was taking over. It leafed out and has looked great for a few weeks. Today all the plants that I transferred look very droopy and wilted. I hope they just need more water. I noticed that my Mexican sage (or it salvia too?) is already blooming.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

down to earth, Your transplanted B&B need shade until the roots get established and can take up moisture on their own. Put something in front of them or over them to give them shade for a few days. Sometimes I will put a taller potted plant, lawn chair or small patio table in front of or over my transplants to shade them for a few days and then they won't wilt.


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I agree you need to shade transplants for a few days at least. I borrow leafy branches from the nearest tree or shrub and angle them a little to hang over the plant if I can.

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I notice some of my bigger plants still in pots were in the sun, the leaves were starting to wilt so I moved them into the shade quickly and I noticed later that the leaves were standing tall again, salvia bonfire and subrotunda.

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