Need an analysis on growth rate, sun, etc.

funnthsun z7A - Southern VAMay 13, 2014

I am going back and forth on the location of a handful of my hostas. They have just this year gone into the ground from pots and I want to be sure that I located them right as best I could the first time. It would be easier to move them now rather than later, once they are established.

They are:

Golden Meadows (how much sun to retain light center longer?)

Dancing Queen (saw a huge specimen at Plant Delights, so I know it gets big, but how fast? Also, how much sun to keep it more yellow and less chartreuse or will it keep the yellow tone in the shade?)

Liberty (got her in morning sun, but if I need to move that Golden Meadows to more sun, I could switch these two. How would Liberty do in more shade? I want her at her best.)

Thanks for the feedback!

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mikgag Z5b NS Canada

My GM gets about 4 hours of afternoon sun. Looks great all year.

My DQ gets sun all day long. Stays yellow all year, and grows like a weed. It's tripled in 2 years.

My Liberty gets about 5-6 hours of sun a day. Looks great.

I'm in Zone 5 btw...

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

Leave the Liberty. It doesn't take well to being moved around. Once you get it in a good spot (sounds like it's good where it is), leave it alone.

I don't know if you can prevent GM from greening up. I think it's just what it does. Mine gets morning sun and still greens up by the end of the summer.

My DQ doesn't get lots of sun at all and hasn't been quick to increase.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Melissa, does your DQ stay yellow or turn to chartreuse?

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You are in 7b which means judging results from other zones is not going to work well.

In your zone you will need more shade than any 6, 5 or 4. Generally speaking the more shade the darker the color as the plant will compensate for less sun by producing more chlorophyll which is what gives plants color.

If you want a lighter center on the Golden Meadows then more sun will do it. How much, who knows. Less than I would need in my Zone 6 and much less than a Zone 4 or 5. My Golden Meadows in Zone 6a looks great. Based on this, I would say you would do well on 40% sun 60% shade....depends on what 'shade' is dappled, full...

Your Dancing Queen being yellow would do very well in as close as you can get to full sun in your zone or probably even in a zone 8 or 9 if watered well.

The lower the zone, the more shaded it is geographically and the more sun one needs to get the same results as someone in a higher zones. You cannot use the same time in the sun in different zones because the angle of the sun causes a more intense 'Sun' the higher the Zone. Also your sunlight day is longer as well.


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My advice about Liberty is to put it where you are looking down on it. I've just moved mine for the 4th time. This year it wasn't lack of room or sun but because I had it on the 2nd level of a planting area. Seen from the side looses some of the appeal.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

I know that these things are zone specific, but I would still like to gather all of the data possible in order to make the best decision, keeping zone in mind. This ain't my first rodeo!

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