pollack avocado

countrynest(z9)November 14, 2007

Anyone knows anything about pollack avocado?

How hardy is the tree and info. on the fruit itself?

I saw one for sale today at wally world for $28.

I did not buy it until I know if is right for me.

I could not find any info. on the net.


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In zone 9a I think you would be a bit too cold for this variety. Here's a link with some info...just click on the variety you want information on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pine Island Nursery Avocado Variety Viewer

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peggy_g(Melbourne,Fl Z9)

This site has loads of information to help you choose the right tree for you: edis.ifas.ufl.edu/MG213

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peggy_g(Melbourne,Fl Z9)
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Thank you guys.

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felix, if there's a LOWE'S nearby, check it out. the one down the street from me (& it's not a very large or very good one) has two avocados appropriate to our zone -- beta, and another that i can't recall. they were reasonably priced -- $20 for a nice sized tree.

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Thanks for the tip. I just called three of our local Lowe´s.
One of them has 8 avocado "Monroe" trees. Cold tolerance for "Monroe" is moderate also for "Beta" as the one you mention.
I'm wondering if I should keep on looking for a hardier one
like a "Lula" which is cold hardier. Lowe's said that the nursery they buy from does not carry "Lula".


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another bet, one that i'm making, is to get dwarf wurtz avocado from jene's:

Guatemalan and Mexican race hybrid. Fruits ripen green from May to September. They are rated as having Very Good to Excellent flavor and are 10-12 oz. Production is Good and is a consistent bearer. Wurtz is very compact and slow growing, reaching only about 10 feet at maturity. Great for dooryard or container growing. Fruit have thin to medium-thin skin and can handle temperatures to 25(F) degrees. The seed is small and skin is smooth.

anyone tried this? it seems to be everything one coule want from an avocado. the fact that it's very dwarf makes it easier to protect if/when temps get below 25 here. the fact that it's a mex hybrid is appealing, since i like the fatty mexican avocados...


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