hoyas that get red leaves

trace00969September 10, 2007

So there are a few hoyas that get reddish or purplish or pinkish leaves when they are young and then they mature to green. I know the color depends on the amount of light the plant gets too.....but it you get a hoya with green leaves (thinking KW, KP, pubicalyx) will leaves already on the plant go purplish/reddish/pinkish with higher amounts of light? Or is this from too much light? The reason I am asking is I got what I think is a hoya pubicalyx "pink silver". but now that I have brought it home and put it under much more light, the leaves are reddening....so I am thinking maybe a hoya pubicalyx "chimera" or "RHP", but I haven't seen any new growth yet, just some of the younger current growth on it is going reddish. Am I burning the plant, all my other hoyas are doing okay, but the pubicalyx is new to me.

Thanks everyone


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Jan Sword

Hi Tracy,
Here is my RHP plant. Only the young leaves are reddish but as they get order they turn green.

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Nice pic thanks, but do your leaves emerge purple? Can older, but newer growth suddenly go purple because of higher light levels? Or is this a sign of burn, so far mine has gotten purple splashes, I am hoping it to be a "chimera" or "RHP", but am wondering if maybe I am burning the plant?


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If my pink silver gets too much light, the leaves go a paler green, but sometimes very new growth can be a red of bronze color.

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Jan Sword

I think if the leaves were burning it will turn pare color then brownish and dry. Maybe you can post a photo so we can see what it looks like. Notice on top leaves on my plant it's green so the new leaves does not always come out bronzy red.

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Reddening *older* growth is a sign of TOO MUCH LIGHT when growing under artificial light. When growing orchids I let the foliage get a slight blush of red, but progressively reddening foliage will soon turn to brown and dry up.

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Thanks Shiver, I think that may be the prob, they are under HID light, so I am going to move it away or lower from the light.



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