Humzinger Fancy Anyone???

janice__indiana5(Z5 Indiana)May 28, 2008

Since I needed to replace my feeder, my DH bought me one for my birthday. I've always had one of the hourglass shaped ones. DH bless his heart bought me this pretty one. I just love it, but so far I haven't seen any hummers feeding from it. They are feeding about the garden but not the feeder. Any ideas??? It is hung right where the old one was.

Here is a link that might be useful: Humzinger Fancy

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janice__indiana5, I don't have one, but people on this site say they love them. Don't do what I did and not double check to see if there's any problems like bugs stuck in the holes or not enough food. I lost my male that way. Good luck.

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hummernut(z5 MI)

Janice, I'm having the exact same problems as you. I replaced 2 of the hour glass shaped feeders yesterday with the Humzingers,- hung in the same previous spots, and nothing yesterday, nor today. My reason was to discourage the House Finches from taking over the feeders, but maybe the H/F's would be better than hummerless.

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Don't worry! The hummers will find the Hummzingers soon...they just need to adjust to the different style of feeder. You could also try lowering it with a hook if it's too high now for the hummers to see the red top.

I am one of the people who love the Hummzingers. You now have eliminated any ant problems with the built-in moat, bees and wasps are unable to get inside (and rarely even try), it's unspillable, virtually indestructible, and the easiest feeder to clean on the market. If that wasn't enough, it comes with a lifetime guarantee! Give your hummers some time and they will love it as much as you will.

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I agree with mbuckmaster, they will find them. And you'll enjoy the ease of use :) Christy

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hummernut(z5 MI)

Thanks for the suggestions. I intend to try and wait them out. The ant and bee problems were what prompted me to switch to the Humzinger.

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janice__indiana5(Z5 Indiana)

Oh, Thank You for all the encouragement... I know they have seen it because I've seen them slow down as they fly by it. I really hope they start using it soon. I have to admit, DH bought 2 for me and I only hung one because I was afraid they wouldn't like them. Although they call it a fancy, it didn't come with bee gaurds. I guess I need to order them from somewhere. Hummernut please post when they find yours, I'll be watching. I'll do the same.


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

My Humzinger gets almost no activity. Neither did the other feeder I tried before. Occasionally, a migrating bird visits it early or late in the season.

I may try lowering it. It is about 8' off the ground now.

There are lots of flowers in my garden including many hummer favorites. The last few years I have had one dominant bird who obviously preferred the flowers and drove off the competition.

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They've seen it, but haven't yet realized it's a tasty source of fresh nectar for them. All they realize is that there's a crazy flying saucer where their feeder once was, and have gone elsewhere (seems like your flowers) for their sugar fix. But this will change once one curious hummer sticks a beak in your Hummzinger. Word will spread quickly, and before you know it you'll be hanging that other feeder out back because a male's staked out the front one!

Also, Janice--you don't need to buy separate bee/wasp guards. The Hummzinger's design makes it virtually impossible for bees and wasps to get at the sugar water. I see a few wasps try in early spring, and then give up by the time the hummers are here for good. I do get some smaller insects that make it down into the sugar water (including some very tiny wasps)...but they die there, and probably provide more protein for the hummers. It does make changing the excess a little yucky, with floating gnats and whatever in there, but I just open and dump it down the drain in one swift motion.

FYI, Hummzinger has come up with a feeder that supposedly even deflects these small insects: the Ultra. It has rubber tips at the base of the feeder ports that allow the hummingbirds' beaks to penetrate, but blocks access to those tiny insects. I'm "field testing" it now (which means I bought one and am seeing how it goes!).

P.S.: No, I don't work for Hummzinger. I'm just an average hummer lover who has totally bought into a superior product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummzinger Ultra

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hummernut(z5 MI)

mbuckmaster- mine came with the rubber tips, but the instructions said to wait one week before using them. Also, if one wasn't having bee/ant problems, not to use them. So far today no hummers, but I'm not giving up. The one good thing - no Finches perched on the old feeders, which might be worth the switch.
Janice- you might just hear me when they began feeding again, but just in case, I'll get back to you. Good luck and be brave and hang the second feeder. Might as well get it over all at once. kay

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janice__indiana5(Z5 Indiana)

:( Still no hummers on my Humzinger fancy. I see them in the garden though... Are you having any luck, Hummernut???


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disneynut1977(5b, Sunset zone 42)

I just picked up 3 Hummzinger ultras off ebay. They were on sale for 16.00 each, not including shipping though.


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I don't understand why my hummers won't use my Humzinger Fancys. I have 2 Perky Pet Oasis feeders that always get used. If I disturb the hummer on the feeder in the backyard, she'll dart over to the one up front. Same with the male. If they're both trying to feed, one will be at each feeder (I've never had 2 feeding from the same feeder at the same time!). I can see both feeders from my deck. If I have one of each (1PP and 1HF) up, the Humzinger doesn't get used. It's kind of bizarre...

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I will say that my hummers seem to prefer the "normal" looking Hummzingers to my Fancy. But that could be location ( the Fancy is nearer the front door so visitors can see I'm a sophisticated hummingbird enthusiast!). =)

The feeder ports are also better distinguished on my Ultra and Excel...that might have something to do with it. Regardless, there is rarely a full minute in the day now that I don't have a hummingbird perched on one or more of my three Hummzingers. Whether they like Perky Pets more or not; I have no idea. All I know is it takes me five minutes to clean and change the feeders! ;)

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rita_h(PNW 8b)

The moulded feeding ports on top of the saucer-type feeders may not be as obvious as the ones on gravity-fed feeders. You might try outlining the ports with a black Sharpie (fine-point marker) to make them clearer, i.e., " beak here..."

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janice__indiana5(Z5 Indiana)

Good idea Rita. I wonder if the smell of the marker would bother them.

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I have both types and they use them both regularly. However
we havent had any Hummers yet this yr,.. other than a couple migraters. Last yr was our first time to see Hummers and that was in July. I brought all the feeders in and cleaned them up again I have
poured out alot of nectar waiting for those little buggers.. so now
its back to the waiting game :)

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hummernut(z5 MI)

Janice, sorry I did't check in sooner.
I had a short spell whithout any hummers, but they are back now as I'm using 3 of the old feeders. From what I can tell, there are 2 females, and one male. As to the humzingers- I'm going to start out with just h/zingers next year, but for this year, rotate the humzinger as I've been doing for the last 2 weeks, maybe they will get used to it.
I'll rethink this when the bees take over the feeders, as I do think the h/zingers would be better in that dept. Good luck with yours. Kay

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