Rogue growth on linearis

odyssey3(7 noVA)September 29, 2013

I have a linearis that I really like--it is currently blooming! One thing I do not like is the few rogue strands on it. They are growing up and out. I can't get them to just lay down like all the other strands. Have others experienced this? Can I train the rogue strands?

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Hi! I would love to see a picture :). I really like H. Linearis! I would love to find a EA basket of it! I have even contacted EA corporate and no luck. They no longer carry it on-line. I've looked for a large pot for 4-5 years. It is a great accomplishment to even have it blooming!!

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lol I too am a bit confused about what you mean. I run my linearis around a loop and since the vines are so floppy I just gather them together like a feathery scarf and make them go where I want. I bind them with some loose ties. Linearis doesn't pout about being trained - I find it very obliging.

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Not sure if the OP is still here, but (s)he might be talking about something like this:

Some hoyas' relatively new growth looks like this. They shoot leafless spikes in random directions for a bad hair day (or a month or a year), then slowly bend downwards as growing leaves weigh the vines down.

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