Ball PCing Webinar Oct 10 noon PDT

2ajsmamaOctober 7, 2013

Just got this email - free webinar with live chat for questions, Thurs noon PDT 3pm EDT. I assume you just go to b/c there's no link in the email, nothing about having to preregister. But they haven't updated the home page yet - still have Aug 17th "Can it Forward" promo there. Demo on PCing green beans.

NCHFP covers green beans in the online course (I think you have to go through the 2 courses on High-acid and Acidified foods first, can't skip to low-acid, and it does require registration which could take a couple of days). But I thought this might be helpful since it's got the live chat with an expert.

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Link was missing from the email and I had to call them to get it but here it is

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It wasn't much, they said they'd try to time it better next time (they just filled the jars and started the PC venting, timer to put the regulator on went off just in time to end the video so no processing done at all).

Next one is Oct 29 - chili. I'll try to get the link up here earlier then now that I know it's not going to be on

I did learn something new - the jar wrench they have for $10 adjusts to fingertip tight! I thought it was just for opening jars - too bad since local supermarket had one on clearance, DD picked it up but I told her I didn't need it. Might have been handy to get for $7...

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I wouldn't spend the money on the wrench, I've NEVER over-tightened a ring, I don't think hubby has either. Just another 'thing' to make more money.

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Just wondering since I had that siphoning problem with PCing tomatoes if a wrench would have helped. I won't spend $10 (even though they have free shipping today with code BEANS10) but for $7 or less I might have picked up the one at the supermarket.

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