care of sp. Fidjii?

klyde(8)September 18, 2011

Hi all:

Recently got some cuttings of sp. Fidjii (at least I think that's its name LOL) that rooted (yay!). I've no idea what kind of conditions it likes. Any thoughts?

Secondly, what's with the species bit in names, why are they named that way? For instance, say, Hoya curtisii vs Hoya sp. Fidjii?

:) Kelly in Victoria

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Kelly can you take a photo? There are quite a number of Hoya species in the South Pacific Islands. On Fidji it could be anything from Hoya australis,vitiensis,diptera to megalantha.

The reason a name is written out like Hoya sp Fidji is because it is of unknown identity. It is a Hoya species that came from the island of Fidji. If you write Hoya Fidji it is written like a species name that it capitalized which then states that it is a hybrid. The way plant names are written is important because it tells you about what kind of plant you have, a species, a hybrid or a cultivar.
This is like the Exotic Angle plant that people used to call Hoya Sulawesi, well there is no such species but there are many Hoyas on Sulawesi. The name should have been written Hoya sp. Sulawesi.


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They hail from Samoa, Vanuatu, so why not Fiji!

Just haven't heard of any.

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Of the newer collections from Fidji there is the yellow form of Hoya vitiensis and a form of Hoya magalantha both of which are now in Ted Green's collection.

I found reference to the species found on Fidji while looking for info on Hoya megalantha. I had bookmarked this webpage from the now defunct online Hoya magazine STEMMA.
If you want to find the page you will have to search for it under Hoya Fidji megalantha or something similar because trying to post it here ended with a spam warning triggered because the hosting site is Yahoo Groups.


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