hoyas under grow lights

greentoe357September 26, 2013

Not a question, not a story - just a picture of what difference grow lights make when growing these hoyas indoors.

There were barely any new leaves on these in forever, perhaps a leaf for every Presidential Inauguration. The lights prompted some new growth, and the new leaves are pink. I've been moving the plants around from shelf to shelf but recently one was under a 4-tube T5HO fixture and the other under a 2-bulb fixture. Not RIGHT under - there is maybe a foot or so of room above the plants.

There are also new leaves (also purple-pinkish) on another hoya and a first peduncle ever in my apartment on yet another (I have four hoya kinds in total).

All this after getting the grow lights, so...

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That is really pretty and healthy! The lights do make a difference! I've had mine a couple years now.

You can also add cf bulbs that are 2700k and 5600k just in a standard lamp and that helps considerably. For people who don't have room or access to t5 lights. I know it has made a huge difference during the winter months! My Hoyas used to stop growing all together during winter.


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I also l-o-v-e growing under lights. :) I think some people can get away without lights in winter b/c they have sweet natural light. Mine is fine, not super.

The other thing I love about artificial light is that it is gentle and predictable. So, I can stick a particularly delicate cutting under the lights and know it won't dry out too fast or get too hot.

Congrats on your success!

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I've been experimenting with led lights...iI have two....expensive,but worth it!!The leaf colors are awesome!They put out no heat and are not bad on electric consumption either!(photo is winter growth of H.subcalva under Blackstar ufo led light)

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This may be a stupid question.... But I really am interested in finding out more information on LED lights. Do the lights produce growth? Or just mainly for flowering? I would love to see a picture of your entire plant. I LOVE H. Subcalva. I have one, But mine is small :(. I love how your lighting produces those colors!

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Hi Tesia....the good led's do both,although I havent had one bud up under them.The wave length is there,but the amount of time the light is on has a lot to do with it.i use them in winter for extra light and move the hoyas outside in the spring.They like the natural light and airflow.check out Amazon and read the reviews.90 watts and above are the way to go!Hoyas don't need high intensity light to grow.A reg. size ufo style light can be placed 3 feet above the plants with great results giving you a 5' by 5' growing area.here is another photo for ref.Hoya callistophylla IML 1762 with new winter leaves!

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Thanks for bringing up this topic and continue to let us know what your results are. I'm fairly satisfied with my Hoya lights for now, but a UFO might actually be just what I need to give my little citruses some light this winter. That frustrating Meyer lemon always sulks.

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One thing I found growing with led,s it that the leaves are really green with nice raised veins in some varieties.Ellipttica clone b is showing new growth under the light.I've had my hoyas inside for 2 weeks now.It takes about a month for them to adjust to there inside environment before some start to grow again...others dont,But Im excited to see how both clone a and b are growing under the lights...I rooted the cuttings back in the summer. Here is a pic of new growth for clone b

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Hoya alagensis EPC-701 from Epiphytica.New growth under led...kept this one inside all summer.Transplanted it into a larger pot..Stopped growing for now,but should pick back up again soon!

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Those are incredible looking leaves!!

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Yeah, the leaf color is amazing! I did not know this hoya and googled for some images, but there are few comparable ones. Really good one, Vine Master. Got any other unusual "hoyas under lights" images? My H. wayetii leaf margins got maroon and new growth on H. brevialata comes out purple, but nothing unusual to bother posting pictures of.

When I was choosing grow lights, I was frustrated by lots of camouflaged salesmanship and wild claims and unsettled track record - and the higher cost, of course, of LED lights. I decided for T5 fluorescents instead - also because I am not advanced at my house plant hobby at all, so they are "good enough" for me at this stage. But LEDs are definitely something to at least watch. Especially as more people get more familiar with them and as technology improves and prices come down, they will be a better and wider understood thing.

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Can you give us a link to something similar to your setup? When I put in "LED lights for growing plants", I come up with one that has all white lights and one that has reds, blues, etc. Which kind do you use? If I was going to try it with some of my Hoyas, I would want to make sure to invest in the right one.

I've never grown under lights myself, and I do pretty well, but it's something I've thought about trying with especially young plants. But it's the cost of running the lights that has stopped me. Our electric bill is already outrageous and I didn't want to make it worse. But I've heard LED is a LOT cheaper than conventional fluorescents.

Denise in Omaha

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Hi!...Here is the link to the exact light I bought here on Amazon 2 years ago and still going strong!http://www.amazon.com/Lighthouse-Hydro-BlackStar-Flowering-100-watt/dp/B0051HOCJC/ref=cm_cr_pr_sims_t The photos I posted were produced from this light.tao tronics had a nice one too thats on sale as well...Here is my setup...pretty simple.

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