Crystallized Habanero Gold

nancedar(z7NC)October 1, 2012

Sometimes the canned little 4 ounce jars of HabGold fill with sugar crystals and while I know I just have to heat it up for it to dissolve, I can't very well tell my customers to do that since it would make me look like I don't know how to make jelly. I do wipe down the sides of the pan before I let it sit overnight but somehow not every batch gets all the sugar dissolved like it is supposed to.

Anyway, when I make candied citrus peel I remembered that I added cream of tartar to the sugar syrup to prevent it from crystallizing. What do you think? Would adding that to the HabGold prevent it from crystallizing or would it prevent it from gelling or would it have no effect?


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readinglady(z8 OR)

Cream of tartar is just tartaric acid and since Habanero Gold already contains acid with the vinegar, I doubt adding cream of tartar would make much difference. You can certainly try it, though.

I'm guessing the problem is inadequately dissolved sugar prior to the addition of the liquid pectin. Since the cooking of this jelly is relatively speedy, it would be easy for undissolved sugar crystals to remain.

You can warm your sugar in the oven to speed up the dissolving once it's put into the pot, but basically I'd recommend not heating the mixture to boiling until you're sure the sugar is fully dissolved. Cook it first at a lower temp until you can't feel any crystals if you rub a dab of the syrup between your fingers then turn up the heat.


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Great method Carol - you always have the right answer. Thanks.


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Nancy: I have had this problem with the 4 ounce jars as well. What I found was this - it was not so much a problem with the sugar not dissolving as a problem with me pouring and scraping the sides when filling the jars.

I remembered that when I make fondant, I never scrape the sides, I just pour it out of the pot and then let the bit that remains stay in the pot. This goes against my "waste nothing mentality" but I make myself do it. It is the part that you scrape up that picks up the odd grain of sugar and as you know, they love to form chains. lol

Don't know if you've already figured that part out but I wanted to toss my 2 bits worth in.

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