Hoya Cumingiana flowering for first time.

sarahkho(5)September 8, 2013

I don't know whether it is something I did or it was the right time for my hoya Cumingiana to bloom, but it did afterall!

From the time that the peduncle appeared till the flowers opened it took around 3-4 weeks, which seems long to me.

I attached the picture, and the fragrance is so nice that I usually have my afternoon tea in the Hoya room because of the fragrance that it produces (I dont have that many blooming Hoyas. Just this one and Hoya Bella).

If you have tips on what might have triggered the blooming and production of peduncles so I could re-create the condition and trigger it again please let me know.


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Wow! I love Cumingiana! I grow this one but no blooms yet :(.

I'm wondering how old is your plant? Is it inside or out? How much fertilizer?

Thanks for sharing!!

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I bought it as a mature plant (one year old based on the seller). I cannot reproduce the condition that lead to it blooming!
So far I tried fertilizing every week or not at all and yet it didn't bloom again :O

I cannot think of what I did to cause it to bloom but the flowers are so fragrant that I truly enjoyed having them.

I will post back here if I managed to make it bloom again.

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Mairzy_Dotes(zone 10)

I love cumingiana scent. Kind of like cloves and citrus blooms all in one. I have one that blooms in summer if it gets a little early or late sunshine.

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Sometimes I've had plants that only bloomed once during their first blooming year, but then the following year they bloomed throughout their season. I think it's premature to jump to the conclusion that you are failing to reproduce the right conditions. It might just be that the plant is mature enough to start, but not mature enough to go full throttle. It can be a bit patchy in the beginning.

I would just keep things as they are for a bit. Then, if next year you don't get flowers, move it to higher light. Fertilizer is important, but compared to sunlight it is a much weaker variable. Especially as regards cumingiana, which grows so etiolated in weak light. Not all Hoyas show their preference for VERY strong light as dramatically as this species! I used to keep mine in my harsh western balcony doors, a spot most of my Hoyas reject, and it was so-o-o-o happy!! Blashernaezii too! I should move them back.

Haha - 3-4 weeks DOES seem long when you first start getting Hoya buds. I remember having this feeling, too. Now I guess I have adjusted because they are always opening before I expect them to.

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Today I noticed another peduncle, I attached the picture as well.

How it comes to produce another peduncle: I didnt water it for 6 days then watered it last Thursday (water+nutrition) and today I watered again and also noticed the peduncle.

I am so happy!

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Absolutely cute!! I love them..

Thank you for sharing them. What do they smell like...?

Hard to describe?


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