Beer Fertillizer questions

cosmiclibraSeptember 18, 2010

I have been reading a lot and have found 3 basic beer fertilizer recipes. I noticed that David adds molasses and B-12 and I would really like to try it out.

1. On the B-12 is it 500 mcg or mg as I can only find mcg.

2. Can you use this on anything? Like gardenias, cacti, mandevillas, hibiscus, veggies, daylilies, iris and other things with tubers, bulbs etc.

3. Is it only for things in pots?

4. Do you have an ant problem? We are sitting on a massive ant colony and they get into everything and with the molasses I am wondering if it will make it worse. Contrary to "there must be a pest" to have ants in your pots or plant just is not true! I don't know who started

5. Can you use it on newly rooted cuttings or do you dilute it more?

That's all I can think of for now.;)

I believe I have all the mix'ins for the brew but I just need some help with my questions. I will even take a yes or a no for explanations! Thanks Again in advance...


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Jan Sword

Cosmic, I used beer fomula only in my potted plants. I really didn't want to bring all the ants from the neighborhood.
Some of the cati family seems to like it (epiphyllums, dragon fruits) I only made a batch so far, I am too lazy.
I never used B-12 so I dcan't tell you about mg.
I didn't use on my cuttings at all.
Hope this help.

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Hi jan1_2007!

Great...that gives me a lot of help! I have been dying to try it...I will try it on some of my potted plants but with out the b12. I'll try the molasses too-but at the kids house-TeeHee!!! I never thought about my epiphyllums! Thanks!

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