Hanging or growing up?

cyclonenatSeptember 27, 2011

I have a variegated carnosa that has fallen over in the wind it was on a frame but it came off so should i hang it or try frame it again, i think it is quite heavy for it to hang because it has only one main stalk it comes off (does that make sense).

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what does everyone prefer

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

I have most of mine hanging. However, I use the three places from the pot to the top of the hanger (the ropes or plastic that form the hanger) to twine the vines around to make some of them go up. That gives the hanging plant a very pretty look. I am reluctant to trellis plants as it seems they all get so top heavy. Some of them I almost have to as they just grow too big & viney for a hanging pot, but carnosas seem to do fine hanging. Just pick the correct sized pot & wind some of the vines in a circle around to the top. Use your imagination and experiment. These plants are just soooo versatile.

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thanks ill try making some go up and some go down because it has 1 main stem with 2 or 3 branches coming off it

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I have mine on top of a tall bookshelf where it grows along and then drapes down about four feet. The plant is mostly hanging but new growth often climbs the old portion of the plant and makes for a very full leafy mass of vines.


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i looped it around the pot and up the hanging part and some bits are going down

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