No hummingbird yet!

Sara_in_phillyMay 14, 2011

I usually put up hummingbird feeder at the beginning of May and hummingbirds will soon follow. I haven't seen a single hummingbird yet this year. Anyone else has similar experience? I am in western suburb of Philadelphia

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Sara, I am just outside of Philadelphia, also in a western suburb. I put up a feeder last week and haven't seen a hummer yet. Yesterday I put out a new Manzanilla Vine (got it at Produce Junction) and that may attract them It always has in the past. I love to spot the first one of the season.

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I'm near Reading, PA. I put out my feeders weeks ago. I think it was about 2 weeks ago I saw my first. He hung around for 2 or 3 days and I haven't seen another one since. I even put out my red table cloth on the clothesline, have 5 feeders out, and lots of red annuals and hanging baskets to tempt them. I'm hoping we all see some soon.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden

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I think humming birds heard my complain, I got my first sighting of the season yesterday(5/15)!

dedtired, how about you? Anything? By the way, thanks for mentioning Produce Junction! It reminded me to go and check out their mandevilla vine. Their price is really good. Unfortunately, mandevilla there are all white, hopefully they will have pink or red one later.

Kim, you saw your first 2 weeks ago? Lucky you! Your blog is lovely.

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No, no hummers that I have seen. Now it is so rainy, I wonder if that keeps them away.

My mandevilla is pink. That was the only color they had. I paid $16.50 They had the exact same thing at Waterloo Garden for $35. I go to the Produce Junction in Wynnefield, and sometimes to the one in Broomall. Oddly, the parking is worse in Broomall.

Lucky Kim. I'll keep looking. Now I am off to read your blog.

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Wear a red shirt and walk in your garden I bet you'll see them then!:)

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Finally spotted one this morning. I thought maybe I had seen them out of the corner of my eye over the weekend, but couldn't say for sure. This morning one came to my den window and peeked in. I'm surprised he came there since there is no color to attract him (or her). Now I have to change the water in the feeder and keep watching!

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dedtired, I am glad you finally spotted one. I am still only seeing them occasionally. In previous years, they would be coming to the feeder constantly by now. It's very wierd this year!

I got 2 red mendavilla from a different Produce Junction for $16 each, the identical one at B J's will cost $27! I have to remember to always check Produce Junction first from now on! Thank you very much!

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So far, I've seen one at the feeder and one at the window and no repeat visits. I even hung a red t-shirt on a chair to try to draw them in. I do hope I get more.

Glad you did so well at Produce Junction Sara. You really can't beat their prices if you can find what you want.

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