Female Black Chinned Perhaps?

davesselsMay 8, 2014

This little hummer had a busy evening buzzing over my backyard 3 times while chasing off a larger bird, or being chased by a larger bird, sometimes it was hard to tell. I could hear he/she humming long before I could see them. It came to the feeder twice in thirty minutes, time out from battle I guess. I had forgotten how fast and noisy they are. Not the best picture, I never could see the throat, but I think it was a female Black Chinned. Any other guesses.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

That is exactly what I love about hummers, all that whizzing and chasing. Suddenly the yard is full of life and vigor.

Don't know what she is, but it's great that she's at your house. Good going!

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Thanks mehitabel, It was so much fun watching, I hated to go in to get my carmera, I was afraid I might miss something. I think she is staying at the neighbors east of me, they seem to be coming from that direction everytime.
When you consider that I have seen this many hummers just by chance, imagine how many times I miss them. They drink such a tiny amount, you would never notice! Right? So how many do you think we don't see? LOL I'm happy to see the ones I have.. Coming to your town soon I hope!

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Hi again, Debra. I have read that however many you see, there are 5 times as many around you. Won't be long before you have run out of sugar!

This is breeding time, but in June there'll be the fruits of that. Hopefully you'll get a bunch more then.

I bought a beautiful big red and purple fuschia and a lantana this morning. Don't worry, I'll keep trying to entice them every way I can think of. And I am heartened by your success.

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