Why my hoya drops it flower buds?

hankeatSeptember 24, 2009

I grow all my hoyas in hydroculture. Last week I saw one of them has flower buds, but now it left only one. Could it be due to the weather? As now is autumn in Germany. Or the water is too cold? Thanks for the help.

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This can happen for many reasons. I'll bet that this has happened to most people on this forum, so it's not uncommon. The reasons can be related to care of the plant (in other words, it could be anything - such as watering issues, light, transport of plant, etc)....or it sometimes just happens, even if the plant is healthy and everything is done "right". This has happened to me countless times. It's so irritating, I know.

As for the weather, if the weather was "right" for your plant to set buds, then it should have bloomed. So it doesn't sound like a weather issue.


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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Some possible reasons for bud drop are:

Moving the plant from one place to another. Sometimes we do this to make sure we will see the flowers when they open or to watch the progress. It's a no no to do once buds start usually. Leave it where you find it.

I usually hold off fertilizer once I see buds because I've had them drop because of the boost. I continue to use VF-11 with no bud drop but fertilizing I've lost buds.

A cool draft can cause bud drop. Such as from a forced air vent of heat. I haven't noticed it with air conditioning in summer. I have with heat in winter.

Changing watering habits can make the buds drop sometimes. We think it might could use an extra sip to help develop the buds and they drop.

There is no way to know usually but change nothing and usually they continue on to develop and flower. When buds drop usually they will start developing soon again.
Good luck!,,,,Debbie

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Thanks for the answers Gabi and Debbie. :))

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I have a large Hoya Kentiana, it's blooming like crazy now with about 8 peduncles on it. My problem is that one of the more mature blooms dropped its buds this morning? Why? The only thing I changed about it was that I watered it yesterday as it was pretty dry. Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks Ingrid

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These are pretty old threads Ingrid. Refer to the 'Weekend Hoya Trip thread'. GG has some dandy etiquette tips for bringing up old subjects :)

Kelly in V

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Haha, thanks, Kelly. >;P

Sometimes they just drop their buds, Ingrid. I'm not sure I can add anything more than what Deb said up above, in 2009. Sometimes we can point at an obvious trigger (like moving or disturbing the plant in some way) and other times we can only speculate. This forum is peppered with threads from people perplexed and confounded by dropped buds. All kinds of theories have developed, but as they are derived from spontaneous case studies it's hard to put too much weight on them. Too little water? Too much water? My money's on bud ghosts and cobbler elves.

No doubt Hoyas do the same thing when Mother Nature is calling the shots. The good news is it will probably turn right around and start producing new buds. So just hang in there. :D

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