Merredithii x crassicaulis...

denise_gw(5)September 15, 2010

The search feature doesn't seem to be working on this site (I know the whole site was down last night, so they're apparently still having problems...) I tried to use it because I think there have been posts about merredithii x crassicaulis before, which I may even have responded to...

Anyway, I have these two clones that are very different. One I got from Ted Green a couple years ago. It's taken it until this year to really grow for me and it's looking fine now. This one has longer, narrower leaves that are quite smooth and even downright shiny. You can see the veins, but they don't exactly jump out at you...

This clone I got from Gardino's this spring. It's leaves are wider, a little incurved (like fungii), distinctly veined with a course surface...

When there are crosses like this, and there are distinguishable differences between clones, I wonder if one parent plant is dominant in one and the other parent plant is dominant in the other? I don't know enough about hybridizing to know if that explains the differences...

Denise in Omaha

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I believe it depends on which parent is the pod parent (female), the one that carries and matures the seed pod and which was the pollen parent (male). If you reverse the order or pod parent vs pollen parent you will get different offspring characteristics. If your really into genetics the link below has some interesting info, a little confusing at times especially if your like I am and not all that interested in genetics.


Here is a link that might be useful: genetice of pod vs polle parent

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Denise, I don't know much about hybridizing either so I won't be much help there. I also have/had meredithii x crassicaulis from Gardino's...I say it that way because mine got some major cold damage (along with a few of other hoyas) this its down to two semi healthy leaves right now. I've tried re-rooting it a couple of times and still not sure if it will recover.

Both of yours are very pretty and healthy...but I'm partial to one that you received from Gardino's though...the leaves are more dramatic and showy IMO.

Here's mine when it WAS healthy BEFORE the cold damage. Unfortunately it looks terrible now :o(

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