hummingbirds in texas

brandonntexasMay 9, 2006

i live in north central texas all we get is ruby's and black chinned for the most part but my question is i never get hummingbirds until july 4th on that day for the last two years. i have talked to a few other people who have hummingbirds now and i went to a lady's house yesterday who had a hummingbird nesting on top of a windchime on her porch. anyway should they stop here or do they continue north for migration. i have trumpet vines all down my west fence line in my back yard tomorrow i will plant coral honeysuckle on the east side on a trellis any other ideas to keep them here. i usually have five or six different birds after july but nothing until then


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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Plant lots of Savia coccinea and Agastaches if you can. They do well in heat and dont require as much water and are adaptable to most areas of the country. For us in the northeast the salvias are annuals but they may be perennial for you but if not they do reseed. Most agastaches are native to the southwest and will be perennial.


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amyloulou(z7b TX)

I live in North Central Texas, too. My hummers show up each year around March 24th. I have rubies and black-chinneds all summer. They leave sometime in October, usually. As Penny said, Salvia coccinea and Agastaches are good hummer plants. I have many Salvia greggiis, also. My hummers seem to visit them more than anything else right now.

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i haven't seen any yet in NE Texas.

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goo0h(7b (becoming 8a?))

Somewhat of a tangental question, but related in terms of finding some of these plants. I notice when I plug in my zip code (76201) to the zone finder on this site that it states it to be 7. However, when I look here:

it would seem that I'm actually closer to being in 8a. So what do I go by?

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jobird(z6 Ky)

Your zip says 7b:

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone by Zip Code

But,as you point out,you're very close to zone 8:


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goo0h(7b (becoming 8a?))

Thanks for that link! That helps to explain things.

Yes, it would seem that I'm in 7b. However, our average annual minimum temperature isn't 5-10F. I don't recall it ever getting below 10F in the last 20 or so years. It's more like 10-15F, and even then closer to 15F. Perhaps the effects of... GLOBAL WARMING! ;-)

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I live in N Texas also. There's a good chance you do have hummingbirds earlier than you're seeing them. Are the hummingbird attractants that you grow in your garden in bloom in March? It's a wonderful idea to plant coral honeysuckle. C.H. blooms early in the season and you're very likely to begin seeing hummers visiting it in March. Purple hyacinth bean, salvia coccinea and agastache (like Penny mentioned), cypress vine, cardinal climber vine and Turk's Cap are also hummingbird attractants which grow well here.

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

I have a large Flame Acanthus that has seen lots of activity since it began to bloom. The wind this week has scattered red blossums all over the flowerbed.

My Rock Rose was one of the first things to bloom this year for the hummers; that is where I spotted a black-chinned male before anything else came into bloom. Also spotted an early hummer at the Russian Sage.

Lantana is also good for hummers. They really work it and the Turk's cap.

I have Lady In Red Salvia but have not seen any activity there.

I'm in zone 7b.

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west texas peg-I saw a hummer visiting my lantana yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to see the hummingbirds like lantana!!! I'm growing rock rose for the first time, so I'll watch for the hummingbirds to head over to it, as well!

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

Our large yellow/orange lantana has lots of activity. We have Mockingbirds after the berries (a parent is feeding a baby from the plant), a Western Kingbird is also after the berries (thought at first it was after insects), many butterflies (Tiger Swallowtail today) but the hummers seem to love it the most.

The orange is so dark it almost looks red. Last year I could sit next to the y/o lantana in my backyard and hummers would come right up to look me in the eye, LOL. I had a red bandana on my head one day; a hummer came right up and was checking it out.

I'm hoping to build a large lantana bed next year to increase our hummer and bf population. Hoping to add some more colors. My husband likes a lavender-trailing lantana I have growing in my blue/purple bed. Says it reminds him of his grandmother.


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Peggy-That's interesting! I haven't noticed hummingbird activity on my yellow or orange lantanas. I'll propagate the yellow & pink one (the one I recently saw a hummer at) and add it to other areas in my garden for the hummingbirds to enjoy. I started Chilean Glory flower from seed this spring and am waiting patiently for it to bloom. I have it just outside a window so I'll be able to watch the hummers at it.

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west_texas_peg(8a West Cen TX)

We have a glassed-in porch on the front of our house; great place to sit and rock and watch the hummers, etc. I have a 5' flame acanthus and the hummers work it all day long, had a male black-chinned yesterday. Also two females who are very territoral; chase the other away from 'their' bush. ; )

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Just wanted to tell everyone that I got a lot of info on this site and I am glad that I found it. I have 2 lantana plants (yellow)planted in planters that I planted a few weeks ago as well as a feeder.I was very surprised when my wife and I saw a hummingbird this morning. It came and went to the feeder so quick and it took only a split second to feed at the feeder and then left. It has got me motivated to do more and improve on my yard to host more birds. I am looking to grow a garden that is as low maintenace as possible. So if anyone could give me some additional thoughts on what I should do that maybe you wished you would have done different once you got started

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I was out of town this weekend and my wife said she saw a hummingbird come to our feeder and some esperenza with yellow flowers on saturday morning. We were setting out there this morning after I had finished mowing (it was already hot). It came up and fed on the esperenza for probably 20-30 seconds then went and landed in a live oak tree for a minute or so and then left. We put out the esperenza last monday and I planted it in a large planter. We started putting stuff out the last week of june or so. I am so thrilled to see these beautiful birds in my yard. In regards to the earlier post on here I have not seen them use the lantana at my house. I also planted some mexican firebush and some salvia as well as azzelia's and added another feeder. The esperenza is the only plant that I have seen them feed on but so far so good. I do wish they would stick around a little longer when they do come by.

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freshair2townsquare(z7/8, D/FW)

goo0h ~

On the one hand, those hardiness lines are drawn there for reasons. On the other hand . . .

I'm only 20 min south of you, but that puts me in 8a. So I go by 8a, but it doesn't have to be religious.

For example, if a plant is winter hardy down to 7a, but you have a yard with zero trees and gets 10 hours of sun with a windbreak a few yards away, you have a chance of keeping that plant through the winter.

The line cuts through DFW, as do a number of other lines, such as geological. But in general, what works in Dallas County or Tarrant County is probably going to work in Denton County also. For that reason, there are a number of cities throughout the metroplex, such as McKinney and Arlington, who post either recommended plants for their area or plants the city has chosen to use. So you might be able to reference those sites from time to time.

nikonhead ~ I also caught the hummingbird bug recently, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you do. Post pictures.

~ amy

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Well just to let everyone know I have 3 hummingbirds as of today. They are still alittle nervous around me so pics have been hard to get at least good ones. But I will show what I have. I have planted esperanza or texas stan as known by many and I also have some turks cap. These are their favorites. I also have some salvia but it is not blooming for me at this time,well since I planted it actually. I also have some spanish lavender, mexican firebush and to my surprise they act like they are feeding on some of my crype myrtle trees.

I started doing all of this in the end of june to the first of july and they are coming everyday. All of my plants are planted in planters since I am going to be trying to keep my plant selection that I plant in the ground limited to what they really like at my house. I wanted to see which ones grew well for my amount of sun and so on. Anyway I just wanted to let the people reading this site know what is working for me. Boy they are territorial. FIESTY
I cant figure out how to post a pic on here. I know some of you are probably calling me stupid right now but hey. You can look at some of my photos at and look up texasflavor. Any help on how to post a pic wil be appreciated.

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nikon, Open an account at Photobucket (it's free & easy), upload pics, copy & paste the 'HTML code' below your pic into the 'Message:' box. You'll see your pic when you preview your message.

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This is kind of a test run

Here is a link that might be useful:

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you can do it that way, or you can put the HTML code in your message of the actual picture (off PhotoBucket) and then it will show up in your message

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I got hummingbird fever last year after finding one perched on our trash container in the garage on the 22nd of March--was not even certain it was a hummingbird. I promptly ordered feeders and plants and had a fun season with the hummingbirds. When is the time to start the feeders to make sure we're set for their arrival this year in Northwest Tarrant County, TX?

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

If you live in Texas you should get your feeders up soon. It appears the Dallas area often gets its first hummer report in mid March.

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A hummingbird feeding while hovering at one of our feeders had one foot hanging straight down and the other one up near its body as I assume is normal. It seemed to be in no pain or stress, and after dipping down for several drinks, flew off in their normal "blaze". Does anyone know if this bird's leg was damaged or abnormal? I've not seen one like this since.

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