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jeangenieSeptember 27, 2013

I bought this plant about 3 years ago with a Hoya tag on it. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Thank you

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Hi Jean,

This is not a Hoya - it was mislabeled. It appears to be one of the vining Gesneriads, relatives of the African Violet. It looks like an Aeschynanthus to me.

Like, this Aeschynanthus Fireworks or a similar cultivar?

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Thank you. It does seem to have those characteristics. The leaves remind me very much of a Hoya and since it wasn't flowering at purchase I was fooled. I love the flowers though and would like to know how to propagate it. It won't take from the leaves like a Hoya.


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Hi, jeangenie. That looks like an aeschynanthus to me also. If not aeschynanthus, then a columnea. You should be able to propagate it by taking cuttings and planting them in moist, airy soil. Aeschynanthus and columnea are gesneriads, and much of their culture is similar to African Violets. Good luck!

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Yes, we often have new Hoya collectors bring in these vining Gesneriads for identification, so you're not alone! Some cultivars really do have a Hoya-ish look, especially the woodier ones with glossy leaves. But Hoyas always flower from a peduncle, so that's a dead giveaway once the plant is of blooming size.

I really like Columnea, Aeschynanthus and Nematanthus, so I will always grow them, even though I've backed off other types of Gesneriads.

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Needed help on the identification of the plant on the left (concealed pot). It was labelled as Hoya..

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Can you take a close up picture...from here it looks like Hoya carnosa?

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