ID - Wide Brim?

jarih(4 in Finland)May 19, 2012

Label says HOSTA. Ok, but... Here in Scandinavia Wide Brim is quite common. Here season just begins and this is small and too yellow, label tells that this will be 30 - 40 cm = 10 - 15 inches. Any suggestions?

Sorry about small pictures.

I have no idea about this one, same size now and later too label says.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

First one could be Wide Brim,as it comes up cream edged,and then gets whiter,depending on sun. Second on looks like Frances Williams,but that is just a guess. Phil

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Unless your first one just came up, I don't think it's Wide Brim. Wide Brim is dark green. We're ahead of you on the season and most of the edges have turned white, but the little leaves still have yellow edges. (This pot of wide Brim holds all different aged plants, as I pulled several out of a place they were dying and potted them all in one pot.)

I have a hosta that is similar to your first one, but I don't know what it is as it was mislabeled. It's sending up scapes now. I will post it for ID when it flowers.

I don't know about your second one.


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donrawson(Z 5)

bkay, your second one could be Summer Breeze, Summer Lovin, or Nickelodeon.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Sometimes, it's hard to ID a hosta. There are many similar cultivars, The things that will help is a photo of the flower, when it flowered, if it changes during the season, photos of how it looks, and when, are very valuable in a good ID.

I suggest you re-post your topic without the reference to Wide Brim. Sometimes, folks don't look if they don't have a Wide Brim. Post one hosta per post. The more photos, the better. Just put NOID or Id in the subject line. We like that game. Remember, lots of photos help.

Good luck,


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jarih(4 in Finland)

Thank you all for suggestions and for bkay very good advice. I'll wait colours to change and then take more pictures..

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