Hummingbirds and butterflies

jay733May 26, 2010

Can you have both hummingbird feeders and butterfly feeders in the same area without the hummingbirds or butterflies fighting over them? I read that butterflies like a more diluted nectar but I've also seen some butterflies go for the hummingbird nectar. The butterflies around here don't seem attracted to the hummingbird nectar I use but I've never seen them taste it, just ignore it. Anyone got any experiences with this?

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My feeders are designed differently for BFs and HBs. Since the BFs can't hover like the birds do, their feeders have a horizontal feeding surface and a place for fruit. The hummers on the other hand can use the BFs feeders, but I hang them only about 5' apart so the kinda just naturally go for the HB feeder.

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last year when I saw a hummer in late June, I put my feeder back up. The hummer left a day or two later but I kept seeing this one Polydamas coming to the feeder to nectar. Now I have lots of plants but just one liked to feed from the hummer feeder, so I left it up for a few days. I am assuming it was the same butterfly since I never saw two around it at the same time.

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I don't have butterfly feeders, just hummer feeders, but I get lots of butterflies because of my host plants in the woods and herb graden (spicebush, tulip poplar, parsley, milkweed, and fennel) and because of the flowering plants I use. If I can I always try to find nectar sources that work for both hummers and butterflies. Some good plants I've found for this are agatasche, salvia, ascelpias, vitex, clerodendron, nepeta, pentas, and verbena bonaresis. These are all low maintenance plants for me too (although the pentas are annuals for me). So the plants themselves act as "dual feeders" for me...and that just means I need to spend time out in the garden to enjoy the visitors they bring! =) Win-win.

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