First Hummer & Weigela, Wine & Roses

chescobob(z6b SEPA)May 7, 2010

It sounds like the ruby-throats are arriving late up north. Mine did too. Lat year it was the last week in April; this year is today. Anyway, I heard chattering out back and knew what it was.

Someone also asked about Weigela Wine & Roses once here. The images below show an example of one in bloom where the hummer was chattering.

Here is a link that might be useful: Big Bird, Little Bird

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How does the Weigela do in part sun?

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I may have been the one you referred to as earlier I asked about the wine and roses and red prince . I later found them at my local rural king. My two gal wine and roses is in full bloom but red prince is waiting for blooms to open. I have not noticed any hummers near the weigela yet.

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Lowes sells Wine and Roses weigela. They are gorgeous plants! I can see why hummers love them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kim's Garden

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

Sorry it took so long to reply.

I looked at my weigelas and they seem to be in a mixture of full sun and partial sun. Once the roots are established, it can be trimmed to shape it up. Or, you can let it wind around. It just goes where it wants. I try to keep mine a little trimmed.

The hummers like them but they try others. For example, I have "Abelia, Edward Goucher" (I keep my plant identifiers that come with the plants) that the hummers will vist and land on the branches. I notice that they visit the "Nepeta, Walker's Low" before they come to the feeder (I have an image of it on my blog). They visit the butterfly bushes too. I also bought some small hummer plants--can't remember the names--after the hummers were coming.

My goal was to plant a backyard that bloomed from Spring to Fall without thinking of the hummers. By dumb luck, I ended up with a nice mixture of plants that the hummers seem to enjoy too. I think I have one family of hummers. The boss male, any females he is successful with, and the kids. Its usually 3 to 5 hummers and then a couple of pass-throughs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bir Bird, Little Bird

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Oh how I love my Wine & Roses Weigela. I believe mine is in it's third year and it's just stunning. It's probably 3'. I have it in a bed with a HB feeder as well, but I have never noticed any HB's feeding from it. I've tried to take pics of the plant, but they just don't do it any justice; it's one of those that's prettier in person.

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

My weigela's are about 6 feet tall now. I cut them back last year. Its cloudy today but I will get an image of the 7, or so, near the feeder soon.

The little male found a female or the female found the feeder. The female used the weigela to perch on and the male did his "Us" above her. I don't know if she was impressed or not since she flew away after he finished.

Here is a link that might be useful: Big Bird, Little Bird

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

The Weiglela will also have a second flush at the end of the summer. I have found too that my hostas seem to be the last flowers blooming fresh for the hummers. As much as I love my hostas, I'm sad to see them blooming as I know the hummers won't be around much longer.

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The weigelas may have a second flush in the end but in my yard I will have so many other plants in full blooms I doubt it will get much use. I will have coral and goldflame honeysuckle, salvia guaranitica, coccinea, sal greggii pink white and purple, agastache tutti frutti, rupestris, heather queen among others.

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threedogsmom(6b Carroll Valley PA)

I have a light pink weigela that is very tall and the hummers really like it. I find that if you prune it in fall of the previous year that it will really bloom nicely the next spring and you will have had the chance to shape it. I have a white flowering one that I allow to just arch out wherever it wants as well as a reddish flowering one that has a green/yellow variegated leaf. I haven't seen hummers on that one but it is not really in view of my seating area on the patio. They are very useful shrubs all around.

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Since I have just planted my small shrubs this spring Im delighted they are doing what they are doing this year and I dont see any need to prune this year. But my wine and roses is done flowering and I have deadheaded it but my red prince are still showing strong.

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