still waiting for the hummers

sallyinontarioMay 1, 2010

Last year, I put up a couple of feeders in August, and did have daily visits, but singular hummers - once we saw two. I also saw one as late as the end of september.

This year, I started gung ho - the first week of April with a bunch of feeders, but alas no sightings.

I am thinking that maybe those August visitors were youngsters, or females??? I didn't see the ruby throats.

Also, the males arrive in Canada first, would that explain my lack of visitors so far?

i am obsessed. Have multitudes of tropical vines, grown from seed in my greenhouse, just seedlings right now - to put in baskets on my deck.

All the planting this year has been hummer friendly - except for the tomatoes - we still have to eat!

How long does it take to build up a bunch of hummers visiting - presuming you do "all the right things"???

I have a large garden lots of blooms already, fruit trees, lilac is about to come out and bulbs are already almost done.

Any advice and info would be helpful.

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Don't give up it's still early for them. I am in Wisconsin and I usually do not see my resident hummers until May 15 thru June 10. The early ones just pass thru.

Yes, the males arrive 1st and so far I have not seen one but I think that on may have been here as there was splattering at one of my feeders. Do not say that the tomatoes are just for you. Every year I do see the hummers use the blossoms. I can easily see my tomatoes because they are planted next to my sliding glass door.

It sounds as though you are on the right path. Keep the feeders clean. Buy some blooming hummer plants for early nectar. It does not have to be many. Then have patience.

"If you build it, they will come."

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Yes I agree its still early I have had hummers but no regulars will appear till mid-may. Patience is the key for now.

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You can hang some red ribbons on tree limbs and on your feeders. It is a great idea to get some early brightly colors flowers with a high nectar count of at least 15% if possible.
It is still early. I live in Vermont and won't see mine until mid May. One wonderful thought is that the same hummers will return. They are loyal birds and come back to the same feeders every year provided they made it though the winter and the long migration North. I always feel privileged remembering how far they have come.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird Guide

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Yea, saw a hummer feeding for a few seconds this morning. I moved to another location in October, so I was hoping to attract hummers here. I have 4 feeders out now, 2 window feeders. I hope to watch hummers up-close from inside, and maybe take some digital pictures.

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I am excited, this will be my first year with hummingbird feeders. I planted tons of perennials for them last year but none of them bloomed because they were just seedlings and I just put all the flower beds in at the same time. This year they should flower though, the plants look strong. amazing enough even my butterfly bush came back(mild winter). This summer I will have plenty of Bee balm, phlox, delphiniums, penstemons(I hope) Holly hocks,hummingbird summersweet, weigeles and lots and lots of Columbine. I even got some Fuchsia plants for my porch I plan on getting a couple more tomorrow (someone said something about fuschia and million bells in another post).

I just hope my super sneaky Peekster(my deadly cat) will stay away from them.

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