DS 70 seeds

rennflSeptember 15, 2012

My two seed pods on DS 70 are moving right along.

If all continues to go well, I'll end up with more seeds than I need, so if anyone wants any, email me, I'll send out the extras.

One thing to point out, I don't know if this was selfed, or if the other parent was a different Hoya. I did have other Hoyas blooming at the time.


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Emails are coming in, so for now instead of responding to each individually, I've been thinking about how to do this.

First, thank you to those who have offered a trade, but no need to. These are free and I don't mind sharing at all.

After the pods open, I'll contact you all, in order that I receive the emails and let you know.

One thing though, what is reasonable to send to people - how many seeds that will allow me to send to as many people as I can, but enough that each person has a good chance of them growing. 5, 10, 15?

Advice on that would be appreciated.


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This very generous of you Renee. ~ Mary

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Very! You all are generous with so much, and I really appreciate it.

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The pods are progressing nicely - shouldn't be too much longer

But anyone have any advice on what is a fair number of seeds to send to people? Just realistically what should I send?


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I know I'm late but if you have any seeds left over I would love to try to grow some. I have not tried this but
I can follow your instructions!
My E-Mail is on my page. Thanks grmadarr

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Renee,

I think I'd received about 15 seeds of Pachyclada when SueTran sent them. So that seems quite reasonable to me. It's sure enough for a person to sow in 2 or 3 attempts should they so choose.

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Thank you PG!


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I think it really varies. I'm not sure based on what. I received more than 15 seeds from Sue, because I started with 13 seedlings. But I didn't count them at the time. They seemed to have a high propagation rate though, so it was probably close.

On the other hand, I received a whole luscious cuddly swarm of seeds from a very sweet forum member here while I was going through the very bluest days of my last couple months. And I really didn't end up with a swarm of seedlings even though I gave them the same treatment as the pachycladas, and am tending them more expertly. I ended up with about 25. So I think the germination rate can vary even when they are shipped very quickly and safely.

Here is a picture of them taken a little over 2 weeks after planting. Hopefully this will get all of you guys in the mood for your babies.


Baby Hoya Mathildes!!
(This is just one of 4 containers)

Thank you kind giver-of-baby-Mathildes. It is true. It's hard to be sad when you are looking at a young Hoya. :)

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Figured it was time for an update - pods still fine.

To those who have emailed recently about seeds, I did receive your emails.

As soon as the seeds are ready, I will go through and contact you all and basically count out 15 seeds to send in first come order. But I will let each of you know individually.


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the seeds arrived today thanks

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I hope all the recipients will post photos once they start germinating! I put mine in the greenhouse a couple weeks ago, but nothing's popping up (yet!). Maybe I'll see a wonderful green gift in time for Christmas. Thank you again, Renee!

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