glenn_sun(5, iowa)May 9, 2007

we have several feeding on early blooming flowers, but its very sporadic, will they appear more consistently as the summer approaches

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

They should as long as there is habitat to sustain their needs.


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Hi Glenn_sun
dont get disappointed with the hummers
they take a while to get established
i started putting out feeders last summer and only have
a few coming to feed .
my parents have been feeding them for 3-4 years and have quite a flock of hummers coming to their feeders .
but i wonder if putting out a extra feeder might draw
more males ??

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I have a few flowers in bloom and two feeders out but haven't seen any hummers yet. Had them last year.

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Ive been feeding them at this address for 3yrs now but this year for some reason they are slow to become established here.

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I first started feeding them in the summer of 2005, then fed them for a full season last year in 2006. This year I got off to a good start, with a male, and I think two females. Then the visits dropped to nothing, then recovered a bit. I'm not getting anywhere near the "traffic" around the feeders that I got last year. I haven't seen a male for maybe 2 weeks now, but I see a female almost every day, and on days when I can't watch, I do notice the nectar levels falling in my tiny, 50ml feeders.

I would say that so far this year, it's been an off year compared with last year.

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