A wow-had to share!!!

carolkitty(z3 NH)May 31, 2010

My husband was the bird person and we had all kinds of birds incl. hummers in the yard when he was alive.Since his death 4 years ago I really didn't bother at all with the gardens or birds.Then my son and his family moved back home to help me get the house ready to sell.They have two girls 8yrs and 18mos. so I decided it would be fun to do a veggie/flower garden again.I found an old hummer feeder and

hung it up figuring the butterflies would like it even if the hummers didn't come back.I had a hummer at it within an hour of hanging it-figure they must have still been comming cause of the honeysuckle outback.Well I was sitting at the picnic table potting up red million bells

the next day when the darn bird flew down to the flowers within 11/2ft from me.But today was the thrill-I was sitting on the patio under the hanging pots and the feeder

watching the hummer come back and forth to feed.He was sitting on the telephone wire and I decided to talk to him

I just said-If you are'nt just the prettiest boy-next thing

I knew he flew to the feeder and took a sip then flew down

and alit on an orchid plant less then a foot from my face

and sat there with his head cocked looking right at me for at least a minute.I've never been that close to a hummer before or with one being still like that!!!!They are breathtaking up close.The throat really is a deep ruby color and that iridescent green body -just gorgeous!It made my day!!!Of course now that I lookback I remember I was drinking a can of red cherry cola-Think he might have expected a sip from it???Anyhow he turned me into a bird person pretty quickly.Why do you never have a camera when you need it!

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Amazing! Maybe if you go out often it will stay used to you. What a thrill it would be for your granddaughters if it would come up close to them too.

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buford(7 NE GA)

We keep a hummer feeder on our porch. We love to sit out there and see them buzz back and forth. One day I was sipping a cosmopolitan which is made with cranberry juice and is red. The darn hummer came and sat on the rim of the glass! Since the drink is alcoholic, I didn't want him to sip it so I waved my hand and he flew away. Another time I had a bright pink shirt on and he flew right in front of me and hovered.

Aren't they like little flying jewels?

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carolkitty(z3 NH)

Buford-that is so funny-wonder if its the same bird?He just wants to sit and sip with us.LOL

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Your stories make me smile, and make me want to go out to my balcony to sit and watch my hummers.

Everyone should have at least one feeder close to a place you can sit and watch. They get used your being there and will ignore you if you sit still. I have patio chairs within three feet from feeders on my balcony railing. And I get to hear their chips and wing humms.

Think I'll go outside now.

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What delightful stories! -I can imagine the thrill you both felt to be so near one of the jewels. Thank you for sharing.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Carol, I think your hubby sent you the Humer. I feel blessed that the hummers come close enough that I actually got pooped on by one! LOL!

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I sit outside in the evening and when they have their duels Ive had them come really close to me sometimes even right behind my head. Other times Ive had them come right up in my face about a foot away staring right at me like mano mano, not sure if its curiosity or if they are telling me its their space and theyd like me to move. I never move just feel the breeze from their wing humms.

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