can you call humming birds ??

wayassfasterthanyouMay 26, 2007

I seem to have my mothers abbility to get birds to land on my hand .

last year I had days where i would be welding in the shop or working in the yard and a humming bird would land on me .

I would then put out my finger and put the little guy through a photo shoot and send him off only to have him come back.

oh well ... maybe humming birds like to get there pics taken??


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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

Were you humming when it happened? Ok sorry..bad joke.. (ducks the rotton tomatoes thrown at her) I'm just jealous you have such a magnetic finger!

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gardengal_co(z5 CO)

We were floating down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon... beautiful day, sunny.. so we had our umbrellas up, bright colorful umbrellas.. when along came a few hummingbirds. I was wearing a bright pink floral wrap around skirt.. the hummingbirds flew from the umbrellas to my skirt... landing on my leg and just hanging out for awhile. It was awesome. No fear or skittishness being around us.

Truly unforgettable moment.

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I find that our Hummers are very friendly. I took a tiny eyedrop bottle, which had a red cap so I got an idea. I took a nail and punches a tiny hole in the cap. I put nectar iside and stood next to a feeder. It only took
a minute till a Female Ruby Throat was sitting on hand and feeding from bottle. I was so excited I almost fell off the patio.I am going to try the red top of a 2 liter Coke next
in the palm of my hand.

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