Second Hummingbird Sighting

davesselsMay 4, 2014

My DH and I were sitting on the east side of the house about 7:00 pm taking pictures of our pair of Mourning Doves, he with his fabulous camera, when I went inside, I happened to look out the west kitchen window to see a hummingbird at the feeder. Whisper screaming at him to come get a picture!! LOL........
This is the best we could do out the back door window.. I'm pretty sure it was a Black Chinned Hummer, but such a delight. Of course the camera focused on the tree. We are just loving this... What a way to spend a Sunday Evening!

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@ mehitabel, the feeders do work, hope you see one soon! Debra
Also, finally my Cardinal Climbers have sprouted! Had to reseed, but it was worth it... Thanks for the moral support, I hope you see one soon! , Debra

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Debra, I'm thrilled for you. Your persistence paid off, and now you've seen them morning and evening as well. And it's two different ones, isn't it?

You'll probably get more as the season goes on. I hope so. They're really wonderful when they whizz around chasing each other.

My feeders are out there, and my red honeysuckle is just coming into bloom to flag them down is they pass by. Hopefully one of them won't be able to resist that. I planted the red columbine outside my office window so this time next year they may be coming there every now and then for me to catch a glimpse of.

Meantime I know I'll get some in July, because I had some last year.

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Mehitabel, Yes, I think they were different ones, the first one was several weeks ago, but I had a return visit this morning about 8:30, I am sure it was the one from last night. Silly me, I never realized I had put the feeder behind the tree, and could not get a good picture this morning. I was just about to change the nectar when I saw it, it stayed a long time, so when it left, I changed the nectar and move the feeder to the other side of the tree. I will be waiting with the camera ready this evening. It is going to be 99 degrees today, and several days this week, so I think flowers should start popping, or just faint....
My Columbine are doing great despite the wind and heat. I can't decide where to put my red ones that should be here this week. If they multiply that well, I may put them in three different beds.
Do you have cardinal climber planted this year? I have so many I may try a few in a part shade garden and see how they do.
I also see some buds on my tiny 2' Major Wheeler that I planted a few weeks ago.
My Mom feed hummers for years in New Mexico, we enjoyed them so much, it are those memories that made me what to attract some here.
This is my Southwest Corner garden, it gets morning sun, but will get more as the summer begins. I think I will put some Cardinal Climber along the fence here.


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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Debra, That is going to be a wonderful big bed you've started. Beds are so much nicer when they're deep.

The columbine mostly makes babies right around its feet, so spreading gently. I put the seed stalks in another place so I got a couple of new stands of it that way. But yes, you should get at least a dozen or so babies from it without doing anything.

Major Wheeler does give some blooms the first year. It puts on a blaze of red in May, then continues to bloom all summer. It's stunning when it first blooms.

I started some Cardinal Flower seeds this year, then I killed all my seedlings with fertilizer. Can't decide whether to start a new batch. Blooms late here. I love it because the cardinals and chickadees come for the seed in late summer.

Do you have Agasatche? It also blooms some the first year. It would look great against your fence. 'Ava' is a lovely pink color. It starts to bloom around July 1st here, and that's when I have started to see hummers the last two years. It gets tall-- mine are about 5'. Really nice show from July til frost.

Enjoy your little visitors. You'll only get more from here :)

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I soaked my Cardinal Climber seeds for 2 days, then put them in the pod trays outside and everyone of them have germinated, like 20. The first ones I tried to Winter Sow, did not work. I planted these many years ago, and once they get going they are wonderful. By the time they bloom all of my clematis will be taking a break, so they should fill in nicely. Maybe they will bring me some Cardinals this fall....
I love Agasatche, I planted a Bolero, smaller size, and I loved it. I moved it this spring and it is just sitting there, so I hope it comes to life. I also planted a new tango also smaller size. I have no place for a 5' one right now, but soon, maybe next year.. This is the Bolero last year, it has a beautiful purple underleaf. I must find more of it.

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This is how the bed looked last June, it was all Bermuda grass except the small corner, I have moved everything around and we hope to get our paver patio put in this summer, so I will be maker the bed more squared off and a bit deeper... I loved adding a few evergreens and boxwood, It is go gray here in the winter, it nice to see something alive, and the birds will love them when they get a bit bigger..
I also post a lot in the Butterfly forum, which is what got me started last year on the Garden web.. Can't wait for some Black Swallowtail on my dill again this year.

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