Green tomatoes - ripened?

berrybusyOctober 24, 2012

I know you're not supposed to can tomatoes from dead or frost killed vines. But on the other hand, when using fresh tomatoes, waiting a couple of days after picking can help ripen the tomatoes that ended up picked but just "weren't quite ready".


What do I do with all my "green" tomatoes that decided to ripen in this little heat wave that hit? A good third to half of my green tomatoes are showing decent color.

Can I use them for juice? Would they do for an acidified recipe, like salsa or a relish?

Should I just chuck them out in the field because there are way more than we could ever eat and I am getting heartily sick of seeing "red"?

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

Did the vines get frosted?
If not, you can still use them for canning.
If they were frosted, you can make stuff to freeze.

I ended up making a big batch of meatless spaghetti sauce to freeze with the last of mine. They were from vines that were "lightly frosted". I had them covered, but anywhere the vine touched the tarp, they were damaged. I chose to proceed as if they were from damaged vines. Picked ones that had even a hint of light green, pink blush and allowed them to ripen indoors.


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Not to hijack this thread, and I too have heard not to can tomatoes from vines that have been frosted, but why not? The past few years I have taken the green tomatoes from the frosted vines and made Salsa. You can tell if the fruit themselves have been frozen, and not to use those, but why not the rest?


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