sbergSeptember 27, 2011

Someone who collects watches told me that most people have a couple of "beaters" --sturdy, good looking, but inexpensive watches to wear on a daily basis when they do things like mow the lawn, work on the car, or hike in the woods...It occurred to me that I have a couple of hoya "beaters" in my (small) collection...hoyas that are tough as nails, reliable, but still beautiful...

My two beaters are:

Hoya Motoskei--love it from its round, glossy, polka dot leaves to its big, plush, scented white flowers...It grows happily under almost any conditionss, blooms early and easily, and looks handsome no matter what.

Hoya cv. Minibelle---Neat and tidy, nearly a true miniature, with regular clusters of the most beautiful star shaped velvety lilac pink flowers almost year round...mild scent, long shiny dark green leaves, and practically impossible to kill with a baseball bat...

If these two hoyas were rare or hard to come by, people would be fighting over them tooth and nail...but because they're common and easy, I think they tend to get overlooked...

Anyhow--what are YOUR "beaters" and why?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

For me...these are my "beaters" in my collection. The definitely can take some neglect and doesn't seem to mind.

1. Diversifolia
2. All my Pubicalyx's
3. Carnosa (KQ and Moteskei)
4. Wayettii

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