How often do moms feed baby?

countrygirl13June 20, 2011

We noticed a nest on our porch a few weeks ago. Mom was incubating so she was there all the time so I would always look out the window to check in her. One night we noticed she was gone so we peeked inside and saw a tiny baby. The next day I was able to see mom feeding baby a couple times. I'm seeing mom fewer and fewer times a day, and I know that's normal once baby gets older. But I'm able to watch the nest for extended hours at a time and notice she is rarely there and baby always has it's beak up. How often do moms come back to feed their babies? I think last time I saw her was over 24 hours ago. When do you realize when somethings wrong?

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Check this web site. I think it is every 20 minutes.

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Great site!

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