Neem Oil?

debbie_nySeptember 22, 2010

I'm sure the answer to this has been posted a million times, but I can't find it.....How should neem oil be used? If I find mealies on my plants, should I spray or just dab? Does a diluted alcohol spray work just as well? Does the neem oil act as a preventative or merely just an insecticide to kill off the visible pests? I believe I read somewhere that re-application is important....Help!

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1.5 tsp neem
2 Tbsp alcohol
couple drops ivory dish soap (not ultra)
32 oz water.

spray liberally (out of the sun - it will burn the leaves. keep in the shade until dry)

repeat every 3-5 days for 2 weeks


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I use neem quite a bit. The amount to use depends on which supplier you get it from. The bottle should have the recommended amount. And yes spray down the whole plant, making sure you get undersides of leaves as well.

It works by smothering them, it is also supposed to be an anti-feedant as well. But yes, reapplication is very important, in order to get the recently hatched bugs.

I've used it successfully on mites, scale, caterpillers etc.

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The stuff I use say to mix about equal parts soap and Neem in water and then to spray the plant on all surfaces. You can get it in or on the potting mix as well and I even went to a lecture on nutrients where the speaker said it can be used as a slow release bio-nutrient.
I believe Neem also prevents insects from fully developing so it can help break their reproductive cycle. Because it also smothers it is something that insects can not become resistant to. I like to use alcohol and go around and spot treat for mealies when I find them or even do an alchacol spray, then the next week a Neem spray.


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Thank you all for the information! This afternoon I load the spray bottle for the attack! Thanks again! =)

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I apologize. I use Green Light Neem, which is a concentrate.

And I'm pretty sure you jinxed me! I found four mealies on my my H. eitapensis, today. hahaha (pretty sure I misspelled that hoya)


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Oh no!!!!! Kill it! Kill them all! I swear, I'm so obsessive about those disgusting "creatures" that I've attacked a plant with my alcohol soaked q-tip only to discover that it's a piece of vermiculite that came out of the soil onto the plant! LOL!

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Sooooo funny - sounds exactly like something I would do!


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OH NO!!!!! OK, a few weeks ago I made the move of all the plants inside....inspected them to the point of being rediculous....repotted...the whole 9 yards..last night I find the damm the spraying begins....There has got to be a better way.....I'm seeing all of those "sterilization wands" to be used in hotels....I wonder if we can all come up with something similar for these pests!! I HATE THEM!

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