Mounted Hoyas

kederoSeptember 11, 2013

Hello everybody! I have a h.lacunosa and a wayetti mounted on some pieces of cork bark. I work in a greenhouse/flower shop (it's really 15 greenhouses in total) and that's where I keep them. They seem to be happy since they've been putting out new growth very quickly. I mounted them about a year ago. I was just wondering when do mounted hoyas bloom? I know that supposedly potted hoyas bloom when they're root-bound, so I was curious about mounted ones. Does anyone know? I mounted the wayetti when a customer came in complaining how we had sold them a "bad" hoya (I guess they had over-watered) and wanted a refund. So I was told to throw it away but I pulled out a few rooted pieces that were perfectly fine. The lacunosa I found in the thrash about a month later because it had mealy bugs on it. I took out a few rooted pieces and sprayed them with malathion and the mealy bugs disappeared. Both wilted at first but now they're really doing good. Any information will be really appreciated, thank! Btw, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this question has been asked already.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I'm sorry I don't have any mounted hoyas...just wanted to wish you luck and please let us know when it blooms.

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I don't really think they necessarily need to be rootbound in fact, I've had them produce peduncles and bloom while rooting. When asked how soon Hoyas will bloom, I always answer "When they're good and ready!" I think it has a lot more to do with light and feeding than age or ratio of roots.

Denise in Omaha

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Ha - Denise expresses these things so well. "When they are good and ready." Hoyas don't need big pots (relative to their size) and they tend to like to get settled in to new environments before they will bloom. So, I think this is what contributes to the belief that they need to be rootbound.

Hoya lacunosa tends to be an early bloomer for most people. "Fast" = 6 months - 2 years in Hoyaland.

Congrats on getting them going again. I'm happy you saved them. :) I grow Hoya parvifolia (No, NOT parviflora, Google =_=!) mounted and I've been really impressed by how excited it is to be grown that way. I mean, really. It has survived mealies and droughts and this very weird aquarium fungus I had going on for a while and more droughts and more droughts because I am terrible at growing things mounted. And it just looks so o o o o happy. I think it's lording it over the caudata that keeps trying to mount itself on the slab. NOooo caudata, you are too big for that bark!! >:O /slap

Good luck, Hoya Hero! I hope you see your blooms soon. :)

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Google image search only returns a few pictures for "mounted hoya", and I'd love to see more, especially H. wayetii. I grow that one in a couple of pots and I've seen the roots (here they are: How does one mount it? Stringy sphagnum moss tied with twine to a piece of bark? How does the plant not fall off when it grows? How often do you have to water, compared to a hoya growing in a pot in the same climate? How do you water? - hose spray, submerge into a water bath, let rain take care of it if it's outside or what? Very interesting.

Regarding when it will bloom, that is a tough one. My H. wayetii is blooming right now for the first time after I stuck it under a grow light - but I cannot really be sure it happened BECAUSE I stuck it there, or because I had repotted into very chunky soil a few months prior to that, or because of any other isolated environmental factor. I guess none of it hurt is what I can say.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I've mounted Hoyas onto cork using sewing thread but you can also use fishing line or dental floss (anything w/ some synthetic in it so it won't rot). I did it w/ Curtisii, but got tired of having to take it to the sink to water every day or very 2nd day. Looked nice but was too high maintenance a routine for me.

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I've mounted some Hoyas, I think I've posted about them before.

I just tie some spag to the mount, then tie a fresh cutting to the spag.

As for watering, when it rains, they get rained on. When it doesn't they get hosed down. In summer daily, in the cooler months, as needed. But most of the mounted ones are plants that like to dry out in between waterings.

Good luck and I hope it works out for you.


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

I would love to see some photos of your mounted hoyas. I would like to mount one. I'm just now sure I could keep up with watering it. If you leave for vacation for a week what do you do with your mounts?

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For me, I don't worry about lack of water for a week once in a while. First as I usually go away in summer, so it will rain a time or two. Second, one week without water might set it back a bit, but if it is healthy, it'll respond to regular waterings when you get home.


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Sorry I had completely forgotten about this post!!!! I just remembered now. Here is a picture of one of the hoyas. Hasn't bloomed and hasn't put out any new growth. But the nodes have out out roots like crazy and the nodes closest to the cork bark have rooted on to it already. There is a "brevialata mounted as well, as you can see (it's the one behind)

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Nice! I have a parvifolia that does well mounted. I think if I watered it on a better schedule I might have a better chance at blooming it sooner. It certainly gets enough light where it is.

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