No Hummers

yardenman(z7 MD)June 7, 2008

I am so sad. I have had 3-5 hummers every year for about 15 years. This year, 1 male hummer showed up at the usual time for about a week, but I haven't seen him for 3 weeks.

I'm still putting out fresh nectar every few days, but they seem unvisited.

It is going to be a long lonely summer without any hummers around, but I am more worried about what happened to them. I am convinced that they tended to return here each year (because I noticed the ways that some held their feet or tails while feeding). I can't help wondering what happened to them...

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Yardenman, I understand you sadness, but don't give up. If something happened to the hummers that used to return to your yard, it will take awhile for new ones to find you. Maybe all the strange weather around the country took them to different places. I know I have one hummer this year after having none for 5 years. Good luck. You never know when one will appear.

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yardenman(z7 MD)

Oh, I'm sure not going to give up, I enjoy their presence far too much! I will keep putting out fresh nectar every few days until it is time for them to leave. I really want to attract humers again. If something broke the line of hummers who stay here, I will try to attract new ones again and start fresh.

The cedar tree that they have nested it in the past is still here, the butterfly bushes and other flowers that atract them are still here, and the yard is organic (so should be healthy for them).

I think I should probably move the feeders to more obvious places though. My little lineage knew where to find them in the shady places where the nectar stayed freshest, but I need to attract new birds, sadly.

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