Watering habits of " Black Star", "Carnosa Red", Plicata, DS-70?

sarahkho(5)September 6, 2013


I am trying to collect some information on what is the watering habits and sun requirement of the following species:

1- Plicata var. rundumensis
2- Sp. DS-70 variegerad
3- Carnosa Red
4- Carnosa cv. BB (Not sure aboutt he name, attached photo of the leaf. It is a small cutting with two leaves so I dont have flower photos for it).
5- Black Star

If you have experience with them or know how much water they require and how far they should be exposed to indirect sun (inside a room next to a window) or direct sunlight (out of room on trace).

Thank you.

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I have Black Star. I generally water when dry. I always add a small amount of fertilizer when I water, it has never really had a dormant period and I have had it for a couple years now. I have it quite a ways from any windows, though in the evenings it does get a bit of sunlight. I have it climbing up the railing on the staircase. It seems to like the conditions it is in, has grown about 5 ft in the last 6 months. No blooms yet, but I have a feeling if I gave it a bit more sunlight it would start. Hope this helps some.


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