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FlowerMomLisa(5b)June 21, 2012


I'm new here, first post. HI

I have been trying to build a hummingbird habitat and some websites suggest having a bird bath with a small fountain sprinkler. Since it is so hot here now (New York summer is hot and humid!) does anyone have any suggestions of a small bird bath fountain they have tried or any home made suggestions for a hummingbird lover on a budget?

What about insects? When I went to a butterfly preserve I saw little dishes of mellon out for the butterflies. It seemed like they loved it. Do hummers like this also? Or would it attract insects that they like to eat? Does it need to be off the ground like on a stand?

Also, where is the best location for a feeder? In the sun or in the shade? I have found that the hummers don't come near my garden when it's hot out... are they just eating somewhere else in the shade?

Any suggestions for very successful perennials that attract hummers for my zone (5b). I have monarda, foxglove, phlox and honeysuckle but, that's about all they seem to like. I planted a torch lily last year and it's blooming for the first time right now but, I haven't seen any hummers checking it out yet. Could it be too close to my porch? I've heard hummers are pretty brave and will feed very close to you if you sit still.

Sorry for so many questions but, I'm obsessed with the hummingbirds and I would like to make them happy so they return again year after year.


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Flowermomlisa, I can't answer your first question because I'm getting a birdbath sprinnkler myself,but I can answer my second question. Sometimes you don't need to do anything for insects. Bend down and observe your garden. It should have little bugs everywhere already. The best location for a feeder is shade,but Hummingbirds will tolerate a place of full sun that becomes shady later in the day as the sun moves around the sky causing trees,buildings, etc to cast shadows. If hummingbirds don't come near your feeder when it is hot maybe they are eating somewhere else,but who knows? Only nature knows where they go. Here are some nice perrenials I use (p.s. I live 5 hours away from New York:) Hosta, monarda,evening primrose,tiger lily, stella de'oro daylily,red daylily, and hydrenga. It doesn't matter if it is too close to the porch because my neighbor has one on his porch only a few feet away from his chair. What matters is if it is too close to the street or dogs,cats,or other hummingbird dangers. If it is possible remove these dangers.

I am a first year hummer gardener and Garden Forum has so many helpful tips! Hope your garden and hummers do well Lisa.

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Whoops! Forgot some more perrenials Lisa. Many types of fruit trees like apple,cherry,peach, and some apricot attract hummers and bugs they eat. Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much! I have a lot of those plants around my yard so I'm happy about that.
Where are you getting your bath/sprinkler from?
Thanks for the response and yes this site is an excellent resource. I am fairly new to gardening and I have been reading here for quite a while but, only posted one time so far.

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All I have is a bird bath for the rest of my birds. We are still pricing a sprinkeler. I got the bird bath at Lowses for only $21.99. It is concrete and quite sturdy and the birds love it. I forgot one perrenial Rose of Sharon.
My grandparents yard is filled with them and when they bloom hummingbirds visit his yard. I just got one and I hope It blooms.

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Watch for end of season sales on fountains used as store displays. We have paid a small fraction of the usual price for fountains with only minor scratches or chips. They also like the pondless fountain with only a bubbling jar visible. All 3 fountains are in part sun. They don't bother with bird baths.

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Hi there Lisa. I live in the Buffalo area. I am zone 6a. I have seen the hummingbirds at my annual zinnias, salvia lady in red, mexican sunflowers, canna lilies and cardinal climber (Ipomoea sloteri). For perennials, Lobelia cardinalis, columbine, coral honeysuckle (major wheeler), salvia azurea, agastache cana, and penstemons like eatonii, hirsutus, husker red, and barbatus. Silenes, and Lychnis, If you are on a budget, I suggest starting many of them from seed. Wintersowing is a popular way to start them from seed. Sue

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