A double double bunch of blossoms!

meyermike_1micha(5)September 18, 2013

Loom at this....I am loving this plant..It seems it is in constant flowers except for a month or two....

Smells so good.


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Hoya australis ssp. tenuipes, I presume?? I had to whack mine WAY back last year and it's come back with a vengence. I'm hoping it will bloom this year for me. The fragrance knocks my socks off!

Denise in Omaha

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What ever happened to all the nice people and lots of action that use to be here?

Thank Denise..

By the way, I was wondering where Karen is since I know she is excited about Hoya's like we are...A bit worried about her since she is a regular in these forums and has been missing in action...


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Hey that is an Awesome BloomBloom! I've never had a double or even heard of one! I bet it does smell heavenly.

Everybody is GONE. Me and Nancy ( PugLvr) jokingly said maybe we were only two in Hoya Forum until a few new people posted last week! Haven't heard from Karen in awhile. I know Denise is pretty busy during wedding season. Even Other Mike has been gone for months!! Nobody's been posting much at all, sorry.

But I do appreciate you posting you Hoya. I enjoyed seeing it.

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

I still check the forum, but just usually don't post anything. Unless I feel I can add to a topic or answer a question, or have a question myself, i just don't take time to post.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Beautiful Mike!! You get a lot more blooms from your Australis that I do in FL...Great job!!

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I think a lot of people have taken their chat over to another popular forum - not sure if GW will let me say the name. Hence the problem with GW. I can't say, "Hey I have some Hoyas for sale!" here (bet they sensor this for me even saying they won't let me say it!!)

Denise in Omaha

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Denise..You are too funny but maybe right!

I hope you stick around since I love seeing your plants and have lots from you....Along with

Nancy..Hello there! Seriously? You should see the ones that you and I have in common...Now to decide whether to stick them in the greenhouse crowding it out, or to put them in my much cooler plant room....Thank you friend:-)

Mairzy..Please do post more often..It can be fun...

Teisa..Really? It's sad....I remember there being so many good people and much info to be had....This use to be a very busy forum...
It's good to see that you have still stuck around along with Denise and Nancy...
I also think of Brad..He is still around too...

It is STILL in flower and tons to boot!

Do you think because it's root bound in such a small pot has anything to do with it?


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Very nice blooms...and fragrant, too!
I don't have any blooms at the moment, but plenty of peduncles set up, particularly on the H. obovata.


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Hey Mike, your australis looks beautiful as always! I wonder if I'm getting any australis buds yet...

My stupid tenuipes won't bloom, but the others do and I love the fragrance too. :) And those chubby green buds.

I'm sure the forum is just going through a lull. I feel like, as long as someone keeps the ball rolling, as time goes on, a new crop of people show up. And the old timers always chime in again even after long absences. I don't really want to move to a new forum because I'm a sticker. Plus I just joined a new forum for a different hobby and I HATE being a newcomer. Being a noob at two forums at once would be toooorture.

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Hello Greedyghost! Thank you..I shall have to look up Tenuipes..lol I don't even know the names of half my plants....Anything with chubby green buds sounds nice to me...

Hey Josh..Thanks pal..Good to see you....I can't wait until you get flowers on yours too...I can't wait to get some on my jewel one, you know the one that I like most...
What's the name of it?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

H. vanuatuensis, with the beautiful waxy white, yellow blooms!


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I'm back after several years, mostly lurking. I love reading about all your Hoyas and drooling with envy over those gorgeous pix. I'm finding the semi-hydro interesting and hope to give it a go soon.

I once had 20 or more varieties of Hoya, but downsizing to high rise apartment life has limited me to just a few of the big box store common ones. My CQ is blooming and has many peduncles, as does another carnosa, a compacta and a Kerrii I recently got from a nursery in MD. If any of you have found reliable suppliers, I welcome your suggestions.

I do have large windows with a SE exposure and have been fortunate to find vintage spring tension planter poles, circa 1970. An aquarium stand is repurposed into a plant stand.


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Hi Joyce, and welcome back! Hope you've been well. It's got to be hard to seriously downsize a collection, and I know I'll have to do that someday. It'll be difficult to choose who to keep and who to let go...

I loved those old plant poles! Where did you find it? Was it a "new-vintage" or did you get it like at a garage sale? I haven't seen one in years... Awhile back, I tracked down a complete collection of the old House Plants & Porch Gardens magazine from the late 70's. I had subscribed to it back then and after a few moves in the early 80's, I extracted a stack of my favorite articles and tossed the rest. When I found them, I was thrilled and have been enjoying reading back through them all these years later. But it's been particularly interesting to see all the neat plant hangers and systems to maximize plant growing you could get back then. Can't find any of that stuff anymore!

Denise in Omaha

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Hi Joyce,

SRQ hoyas is a great source.
If you are tight in space and interested in cuttings of small leafed hoyas I have couple who are in need of haircut!
I have heuschkeliana, DS 70, couple of lacunosas, curtisii, cumingiana and some more!


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So where did everyone go? Was it the cub its? Sometime I feel I not getting the memos.

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Some times, I feel I am not getting the memos... I wonder if I talk like this before my morning coffee kicks in.
I just went to cubits and there isn't that much activity there. If everyone was on one forum, the participation would be much better. I still don't understand what happened to the Yahoo and Google groups. I'm not a fan of Dave's because I don't see why someone should pay for something that is free everywhere else.
So where is everyone???

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