Hoya cuttings in Sept?

windmillerSeptember 17, 2013

My understanding is that it is best to take cuttings in the spring but I have many Hoyas with 6-9 foot branches and also have the time to take the cuttings that I would like to take cuttings and pot them this week while I bring the hoyas in for the winter.

Any major reasons not to take cuttings now? Thanks for any advice :)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi windmiller, I live in FL so take my advise with a grain of salt,lol...if you can provide your cuttings with the right warm temps, bright indirect light and humidity I don't see why you shouldn't be able to take cuttings now. We have a much longer growing/rooting season here than you do.

Provide them with as much humidity, light and warm temps like using an aquarium or rubbermaid (make shift greenhouse) or Hoya nursery. Bright light but not direct sun and you should do fine...Good luck!

Something like this...

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Wow nancy great advice and what a set-up!

I too can root any time of the year...

Many hello's to you

Good luck Windmiller...


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Mike...Ditto!! Great to see you :o)

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PugLvr (and everyone else who cares to comment), I see you put pebbles on the floor of that container, and probably a thin layer of water for humidity. I wonder if that's necessary. When the plants inside are watered, even if you drain them, which of course you should do, there is still plenty of water in the soil for evaporation inside the container. Humidity inside my container with rooting hoyas is easily into high-80%s - I feel like I need to open the plastic cover a bit to let the cuttings breathe. Although this may change when winter comes around for real.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi greentoe, you're right I don't think that pebbles are necessary, the reason I put it there is so that when I spray the plants with a mister and or water them I do not have to worry about the pots sitting in water all day...definitely a very good idea to let fresh air in and to breathe. I do it every day just to be on the safe side to keep it from getting moldy :o)

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Got it, thanks.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to add to the general concensus. I, too, root Hoyas (and other stuff) this time of year without a problem. I don't use special containers, nor do I attempt to raise the humidity, despite the dry environment in which I root my cuttings.

In early Spring, houseplants are at their lowest energy levels...so I don't like to mess with them. During mid-Summer, however, the temperatures are way too hot to mail cuttings in a box. In Autumn, the temps are perfect for cuttings - even if they have to sit in a warehouse for a weekend - and the growth is vital and usually hardened off (with the exception of tender new vines, which I don't try to root).

In fact, I took cuttings a couple days ago.


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