Is this a veggie or a weed?

SusieQsie_FlaNovember 27, 2012

It kinda looks like someone dropped a seed packet right here in the corner!

Here's the same plant mingled in with the real veggies.....

Some more of the stuff in with the carrots:

This is at my Mom and Dad's garden and they don't remember planting it.

Thanks for looking!


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The clumps would indicate that they are sprouting from rhizome or tuber-like pieces or whole seed-heads. So not at all likely something that was planted intentionally.

Also it looks like beggar's tick, the most common weed in disturbed soil in my area of florida.

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

The fuzzy plant in the foreground in the 1st photo looks like something in the squash family, but the rest look smooth, like something in the groundcherry family (nigtshade, jimsonweed, datura, tomatillo)...?

Might be from bird (or other animal) droppings - esp. if it's groundcherry - which does grow wild here - seeds survive the digestive tract.

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I agree, the first photo looks like not the same plant as the others. Some of the latter photos look like bidens alba or in that family.

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Yes, I was also thinking squash when I saw the first photo, but not with the others.

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Thanks for all your responses, and I agree, this is probably not veggie seedlings. (And I know it doesn't look like it, but the stuff in the 1st photo is the same as the others. I think I was just too close up for that shot)

Something was probably in with the compost Dad uses, or the wind might've blown seed heads in.

He didn't want to rip them out if they were going to turn out to be something delicious that they forgot they planted!

Thanks, you guys! I figured y'all would recognize it if it was a keepable plant.


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