Best Oriole Feeder Suggestions?

Eric580June 10, 2013

Hello! My nectar Oriole Feeder just broke because it fell and I was wondering which are the best oriole feeders on the market? Are the ones shaped like hummzingers good? Also how long can I keep them in my neighborhood (first two housees away from me)? Once they leave that little area they go to an empty lot where there are wild berries.Please help. Thanks in advance.

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I don't know about Oriole feeders, I've never seen one in my area. I have a Hummzinger for the hummers and I absolutely love its ant/bee/wasp free design. I'd have to assume their Oriole feeder would be just as good. Just my $.02 FWIW

Good luck getting them to stay though! It's nice to be able to watch the wild creatures so close and keep them feed and sheltered!.

Sunday I watched a pair of Cedar Waxwings shredding my coco fiber hanging basket. They were so close I could hear their faint high pitched squeeky communication!

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Thanks spaceman13! I have a hummingbird feeder on my porch and its only a few feet away from the kitchen table. Its so fun to watch them eat as we eat:) I hope they stick around. They usaully stay for the wild strawberries a few days. I will put out oranges untill I get the feeder.

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