Cardinal climber/Cyprus vine?? HELP!!!!

lary1047(z5 MI)June 16, 2007

Good Morning everyone!!

We have recently planted cardinal vine fo the Hummers in one of our large pots by our trellis, it is growing GREAT however no flowers lots of buds no flowers. I recently read after we had planted everything if the soil is too rich it will be all vine and no flowers. We also planted black eyed susan vine and the flowers are looking great, just waiting for the cardinal vine to bloom.

Does anyone have any ideas, the soil is rich that is in the pot.

Thanks Lary & Deb

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jobird(z6 Ky)


It is probably too early for blooms in your location;mine bloom in July. Suggest you use these guidelines:

"Plants like a lot of water and nutrients. While they like lots of water, they do not like wet soil. Keep soil moist, not wet. Add fertilizer when planting and every month during the season. Use a high phosphorous formula just before the first blooming period."

Phosphorous is the second number in the listing:10-20-10.However,you don't really want or need the first number (nitrogen),so look for formulas like this:

" Prefers slightly alkaline to very acid soils. WATER: Cypress Vine does not like to dry out. Water frequently if there is not enough natural moisture. "

"Liming is the usual way to correct extreme acidity, or to make the soil "sweeter." The safest material to use for this is ground-up limestone rock, called agricultural lime. However, hydrated lime can be used. On a light soil, 50 pounds of ground limestone per 1,000 square feet should raise the pH about one unit, as from 5 to 6, but 75 to 100 pounds might be needed on a heavier soil for the same effect. It is best to take a pH test in order to determine whether liming is needed or not."

OR,you can just wait for the flowers to come in July ;)
Good luck.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

It is too early for cypress vine or cardinal climber to bloom. They bloom later in the summer.


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knottyceltic(S/W Ontario 5b)

Ya, I'm growing cardinal climber too but I wasn't expecting blooms till August and early September in my zone.

southern ON, CANADA

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