florida cactus gardening?

normana61November 8, 2012

We just did a wholehouse rehab in southwest fl in a desert type them, stone accents , columns , etc on the outside , painted a tripoli color , doing stone and rock landscaping beds and was wondering if anyone did a whole landscaping theme in cactus, succulents, jade plants, desert rose, hens and chicks, etc.

our entire 60 house neighborhood is done in the traditional palm trees, tropical bushes, grasses and wanted to do something outstanding to accent the southwest stone work.

I need large full grown cactus and plantings, a local garden center says certain times of year they are readily available only to make sure the beds are raised, i was planning on raising the beds with boulders minimum 8-10" off ground level , stone and mixed soil base for excellent drainage.

appreciate any input, would hate to start this only to find many obstacles. I think it can be done as lakes parks in fort myers has a beautifull full grown cactus garden that volunteers take care of.

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I have grown many cactus here in my garden and they do just fine. Just be careful not to over water.

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Just research what is hardy, I have several agaves that are very cold tolerant, many of my euphorbia are not so hardy.
My Optunia seem to do pretty well here with no protection. My desert rose and crown of thorns both need some sort of protection. You could add in some sage varities to round out the look.

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I might be further south then you guys and on the coast so I don't get a frost very often, once every 5 years or so. My desert roses and crown of thorns do just fine, but you, Leah, made a good point. Many cactus won't take the cold and others will.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Should be an interesting /different look . Hope you post some pix?? gary

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J does alot of succulents, some cactus. the summers are great here for them, but in winter it's not the cold that gets them, it's the rain and damp before the cold starts the rotting.sure she'd love to talk cactus...or orchids!

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