My Feeder Is Back

harryshoe zone6 eastern PennsylvaniaJune 14, 2010

I didn't put my feeder out last year. No hummingbird showed the slightest interest in the past. Its a Hummzinger that I bought mail order.

My garden has been dominated by a single female the last few years. She was almost always present, but preferred the salvia and monarda to the feeder.

Changes in the type of feeder, location and mix made no difference.

I have only had sporadic visits from a male this spring. Out went the feeder yesterday. Hopefully, it will be visited because I am able to place it right outside the kitchen window for optimum viewing.

Has anyone else found their hummers like flowers but not a feeder?

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If youve seen my posts and pics you know my hummers love the feeders,,, but they also like the flowers once they are all in full bloom and the hummers seem to know when that time comes and they test them from time to time. Even in august when I sit outside at daylight with my coffee waiting for hummers to arrive. Many will go to flowers first, some will go to feeders but they will all wind up on a feeder, so it seems to me.

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I have had the same issue this year. I have had feeders out since the beginning of March. I am a big hummingbird and butterfly gardener. Usually I see them using both, but this year I have yet to see a hummer at a feeder. I see them all the time feeding at the flowers. I can't decide if I should just stop putting out the feeders all together. I have 2 feeders in front of windows and my husband can see them while working and he hasn't spotted one at a feeder either. Good luck!


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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

I have quite a few of the ruby throats favorite flowers so I do see them daily in my garden. Like you, Harryshoe, I also had a HummZinger. In two years I never saw the hummer give it a try despite my faithfully changing the solution twice a week. I will note that in my previous Zone 6 garden, the ruby throats readily used the HummZinger

At the network54 Hummingbird Forum, I learned about the First Nature feeder available at Wal-Mart. So..earlier this year I shelled out $5.00 (yes, it's just five dollars compared to the multiples of that I paid for the HummZinger - including S&H. But, I digress).

Anyway, within a couple of weeks, I saw a hummer actually use the First Nature feeder. Thrilled, I bought another and placed it on the opposite side of the house. I've watched a hummer repeatedly use that one also.

So if you want to see your hummer(s) at a feeder, I suggest you get thee to a Wal-Mart and give the First Nature a try.

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Yes the first nature is a good one and the most favored around here. They are just now starting to take in the flowers I have in bloom. But the question came up about the hummzinger not being used. Last year for the first time I ordered the hummzinger excel and no problem maybe because the ports are farther apart. I didnt particularly like all the knats that got in the feeder and I mean lots. So I sent it back but now I wish I hadnt and maybe I will get it back again. I got mine from nottawa bird supply, $14.29. That is the cheapest and the best company to do business with. They have no problems with taking an item back. I talked at length with them on the phone.

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