Question about Nesting in Southern States

lovefornature(5B IL)June 7, 2009

Hey all...

In the next few years we are thinking about moving to North-Eastern Georgia, just along the South Carolina Border.

Very silly question coming, but do Hummers nest and stay in the Southern States before their retreat for the winter?

I know they nest in more Northern States, but wondered if they were just passer-by's in some of the warmer climates.

Thanks all :)

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Sure do! We get plenty of nesters and young'uns (as we call them down here). =)

In fact, the farther south you are, the more you get first crack at the hummers passing through. We see them earlier and later than our northern friends, and keep them well fed and fueled for the journey up and down. Some of the ones passing through don't pass at all...they stay. Those numbers increase year by year as new hummers are born and "memorize" their reliable nectar sources. So you'll be just as good off for hummers in the south as the north (but not as good off as in the west, those lucky ducks).

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lovefornature(5B IL)

Thank you! I can't get enough of these little jewels :)

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Keep plenty of feeders out early or Middle March and you will keep them.. The "pastures" will be so green here they won't want to move on. I have 16 feeders out and they are busy. I live on the South Carolina Border. Have Plenty of rt hummers. I had to buy more feeders this year. I think I am getting my old birds from years past and they are bringing their babies back, but since I am no expert, I could be wrong about that. Either way, they are coming from somewhere.

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You are getting your old birds back and the ones hatched the previous year are there too. They return to the area where they were hatched and raised. The number of returnees grow each year.

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Thanks for that information! I kinda thought that, but I wasn't really sure about them coming back to the same place and bringing there babies. I am so glad you reaffirmed that for me, mimidi. I want those families to keep coming back again and again!!

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