hummingbirds in VA

organic-kiki(Zone 6)June 8, 2006

I have had hummingbirds for the past 3 or 4 years and this year they are gone! I am really disappointed. Is there anything going on in Virginia that would cause this? I saw a couple in early spring after the feeders were out and I don't see them at all now. I have moved two feeders trying to get them to come back, but so far no luck. We have a kazillion squirrels, we always have lots, but this year they are everywhere. Would this cause a problem?

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I'm in Stafford County, near Fredericksburg and we have about the same number as last year (2 or 3 females or juveniles and at least 2 mature males). They are very active, visiting the feeders about every 15 minutes until after dark.

I've heard a lot of talk that the hurricanes last year were responsible for a decrease in hummingbird sightings, but I wouldn't think it would only affect Virginia.


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I am in richmond (mechanicsville) va and i seen one and that was only for two days. i been wondering my self what is going on.

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I just saw a dark green humming bird and I was wondering where are they at and I was hoping to find a website with pictures of so I can do some research on it and maybe get it to come back . I always like looking at those beautiful birds.

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