feeding tube, perky pet feeder or hummzinger

marcincon(z5/6 MA)June 22, 2009

In the birds & blooms June/July 2009 magazine there was a copper wire hanger for recycle bottle with a feeding tube stopper to use for a hummingbird feeder. I made 3 of these and then tried looking for the stoppers. They recommended going to Amazon.com 12 pack for $12 but they are out of stock. I've searched online and found www.humming-birds.com selling 6 for $30. I searched here on gardenweb.com for any places to find them and people have posted they leak. Now i'm debating on spending any money on the feeding tubes. Then I found postings recommending perky pet feeder or hummzingers.

What is your opinion on all 3 of these feeders? Pros & Cons and what you've experimented with them?

1. bottle feeding tubes

2. perky pet feeder

3. hummzinger

Hope I am not asking too much. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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anita55(zone 6 NY)

I like my Hummzinger, easy to clean, easy to fill, the hummers use them.

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I love the Hummzinger--it is my favorite. I have found them online for $15 and bought quite a few. They are easy to clean, pretty much indestructible, and top rack dishwasher safe.
I use the 8 ounce size because it keeps me from wasting formula. My 8-10 birds cannot empty any of the larger ones in 3 days(the max time to cleaning and refill in the summer.)
Available at bestnest.com

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I have both brands you mentioned, however the Perky Pet style I have is only offered on-line. It's glass with 4 individual perches. Though the hummers love it, the Hummzinger is much easier to clean and all were purchased at Walmart for $10 each.

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Im sure the humzinger is a good one, everyone says so. But here is the reason I basically use perky pet. Especially in august when the migration is in full swing, on my back porch I have 2 30oz glass feeders and a 50oz artline and I fill them FULL and in two days time they are empty sometimes less. Overall last year I had 15 feeders spread over my yard and all were used plus my hummer flowers. Truly amazing when I think about it, that just six years ago when I moved here I didnt have one plant or one feeder in my small yard, its progressed to this.

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Steve--you are in Hummingbird Heaven, my friend. I envy you.
I put out 5 feeders- 5 ounces each- and even during migration I throw formula away; and I know that I have at least 8-10 Birds feeding from them!

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I am a Hummzinger proponent in every way. Besides being as simple to clean and change as it gets, they are bee-, wasp-, squirrel-, raccoon-, bat-, and ant-proof, nearly indestructible, spill-proof, dishwasher safe, and come with a lifetime guarantee. And they're made in the USA! =) You can buy up to a 16 oz. feeder with six feeding ports, which is way more than I ever need for one feeder. But I do have five of them! Even with that many, it only takes me four or five minutes to clean and change them all...really. I've timed myself! =)

Steve, I really have no business suggesting this to you, but if I may, the trade off with your wasp and bee issues and volume during migration may be to have more Hummzinger feeders out. Six Hummzinger Excels would give you a comparable amount of nectar to the Perky Pets with little more cleaning/changing hassle and no wasp/bee or spilling issues. Just a suggestion!...you know your own business best. No offense meant! =)

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mbuckmaster ,, thanks for your suggestion.

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I love the Perky Pet Oasis; I have 5 that I switch off. Unlike some of you, two is probably too many for the few birds I do get, but I keep 2 up anyway. I wish PP came is 8oz. I tried the Hummzinger (Fancy?, 12oz), and my hummers (again, the few I have), won't use it and prefer the PP. I'm partial to the saucers because they're just so much easier to clean, although I did put up a bottle type because I had a juvie that was too short to reach the port. She just sat there like it was just a nice place to hang, LOL...

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

From the photos I have seen of the Hummzinger some of them look very similar to the Droll Yankee. Has anyone used both and if so are they the same?

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lov2garden(VA 7b)

I love my Hummzingers best too.

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I have hummzingers and the perky pets. The perky pets get used more here so they are my favoirtes. Side by side the hummers pick the perky pets.

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Mimi--- Glad to hear you reveal that info about the side by side comparison , helps me make up my mind. The only reason I would change is because of wasp problem. But since I have been cleaning the feeders better on changeover I have cut the wasp problem way down. Last year on my PP 209 feeders I was having a lot of wasps but now I always clean those with dish soap and water and no wasps to bother those hummers, hooray! The first nature feeders are also better. But the tiny walmart feeder and the PP rose petals both tend to leak so wasps go to those. In the wasp trap I just keep making the sugar level in that higher an higher.

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Hummersteve agreeed about the tiny Walmart feeders. It leaks. I do use these in March when the hummingbirds start showing up. I have thought about how to fix the little feeders so they won't leak. I don't know if it will work but there is a tape that hubby uses on threads to stop leakes on piples. Oh, I think it is called teflon tape. I am thinking about trying to use that on one of the tiny feeders to stop the leaks. Right now I don't use the tiny ones because I would be refilling them constantly.

Now others might find the hummzingers used more. I don't and at this point in time I will not be investing in them. I keep ordering replacement parts for my PP's online.

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chinamigarden(z5 MI)


The hummzingers and the Droll Yankee Little Flyer have a similar saucer design and both have the integrated ant moat. Very similar feeders.

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nicknackhummer(Zone 7)

I have used all three types and MUCH prefer the Hummzinger. I like both the Hummzinger and Droll Yankees Little Flier. Among other things, I like that they are so easy to clean. The Perky Pet Four Fountains that I have is not that easy to clean. The hummers do like it, but I have many different brands of feeders, and they use them all.

The bee guards that PP's have are useless IMO. I also really object to the fact that PP sells the red nectar when they know better.

The tube feeders are fine, but they do leak. I also feel that it's nice to give the hummers a break and let them perch while they're eating. They usually have to move when using flowers, so it's nice when they're at feeders that they can perch. I noticed yesterday while watching one at my salvia that the little hummer was actually perching on something that I just happened to have right next to it. I was so glad it was there for him! :o)

Another type that I have and like are the test tube type feeders. I don't know if you've seen them or not, but Fat Ruby sells them. I have the Holland Hill brand. One thing that I like is that you can keep extra test tubes filled with nectar in the refrigerator and just switch them out.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fat Ruby

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marcincon(z5/6 MA)

Awesome! So glad I asked this question. Now that I have everyone's input on which hummingbird feeder to get I will probably buy the humzinger. Love the test tubes ideas too, checked out that site fatruby.com very interesting way of using copper wire, may make one up myself. Thanks everyone for sharing your info!

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

Regarding the Hummzinger... I know it has raised ports, but some rain water must still get into the nectar basin as drops fall directly into the holes. How well does it perform in a heavy downpour, or even an all day light to moderate rain?

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I only have one feeder in the open where it gets rained on...all the other are under an overhang or a sunshade so the nectar doesn't spoil as quickly. The one I do have in the open I have to change almost every day anyway because the direct sunlight spoils the nectar faster. So I wouldn't notice any dilution there either. So I think in practice rain water doesn't really affect Hummzingers either, unless you leave it out in the open for a few days at a time.

And I just decided I'm going to buy a sunshade for that last one too so I don't have to change it as often! =)

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

Hi mbuckmaster,

Can you explain this sunshade you mentioned? Is this a specific product for feeders or something that you are improvising? It sounds interesting!



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we have 4 perky pet feeders and I'm very pleased with them.

Very easy to clean.

kind regards,


PS. my first post here; what a great forum!!

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Hi Ken,

The link below is the one I have. There's plenty on the market that are cheaper, or you can use an old frisbee with a hole in it. I just liked that this one was red...helps attract hummers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rain Guard

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scaldude(Sunset Z23 SouthOC)


I mostly just get "local" hummers so the demand isn't very high, but they're year-round. 2 feeders @ 8 oz. each a week...2x a week during Fall when I get a few travelers. There's wild sage in the foothills, plus the neighbor's feeders...you hear them everywhere you go.

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Droll Yankee Little Flyer. I have three of them-my hummers apparently don't like to share. Like the Hummzinger-they're easy to clean. But the Little Flyer's ports have a little more slant to them making it easier for the hummingbird to feed.

I had tried a Perky Pet feeder but birds rarely used it.

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Welcome to the forum Jody.
I have no preference for brands. I've never had a feeder that didn't work. However, those with plastic bases, that you can't take apart worry me b/c I can't see what might be growing inside. I cleaned all mine last night with bleach and water just as a precaution.

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

Thanks mbuckmaster, I am going to look into that rain guard!

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I wandered over here in a quest to find more info on plants that hummers like, and ended up reading this thread. I hadn't heard of the HummZinger, I'm going to have to investigate that!
What I do have that I love is a feeder by Dr. JB's Hummingbird Feeders. It snaps together with just 3 pieces, and is totally dishwasher safe (top rack, of course). Its very durable, and the birds seem to be really happy with it. It doesn't really drip, either, and you can buy replacement parts if one of the pieces breaks (especially the top glass jar part). I am probably going to invest in another feeder, but I might have to invest in some flowers that the hummers will appreciate too. I am sure that there is the capacity to have quite a lot of little hummers around here, but I need to do more to attract them to the area first. There is nothing as cool as having hummers swirling all around.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dr. JB's Hummingbird Feeders

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