garyfla_gw(10 Florida)November 12, 2012


With great almost superhuman effort i potted up the largest of my bottle palms . Only because a kind neighbor donated the pot and muscle lol.

looks rather gigantic . Put some lantana but don't like the pink color any other suggestions . Sure needs something thanks gary

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake, F

For some reason I see ferns of some kind. Sort of a minor reflection of the canopy. Lantana is just too sprawling for something like this. I think you need something that clumps better to 'hide' where the trunk meets the soil, without hiding the bottle completely.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)


Any fern that i can think of would hate the conditions . Full sun and very dry lol My thought was the lantana likes those conditions and would sprawl over the sides
Have to be careful with growth at the base as it tends to cause rot. My main objection to the lantana is the color lol Thanks gary

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake, F

There is a white variation of the Trailing Lantana (Lantana montevidensis). What I learned from mine is to cut them back to about 6" right about now, maybe next month for down there, and then let them ride out the winter at that length. Come spring time, they will bush out and look much more dense and less 'leggy'. My mother did not trim hers back and the difference between hers and mine (all purchased at the same time) were amazing. But the only variations of Trailing Lantana I have seen are Lavender and White. I suppose pink could be possible, just haven't seen it myself. If the pink one you have is a var of Lantana camara, it will be more vertical than draping over.

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Trailing Lantana comes in white, lavender and also yellow - I have all three, and find the lavender to be the best grower in my yard.

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I am with Kay, I have the lantana in those colors too. But if you really don't like that, maybe a small leaf ivy that would trail over the sides.

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake, F

There's a yellow var of Trailing Lantana? I have seen the New Gold at Home Despot and Lowe's, but they had them labeled as hybrids of camara, not montevidensis.

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake, F

Also just want to throw out that lantana will outgrow that pot, especially the little border they have to grow in.

Here's a picture of my lavender ones from last spring after 'bushing out' from their winter pruning. You can see the white freshly planted ones in the opposing corners of the planter boxes. I wish I had take a picture of them before dismantling the boxes at the beginning of autumn. The lavender ones had gotten so big that they each had taken over the boxes and had shaded out the white lantanas.

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KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)

What about purslane/moss rose or a that yellow blooming sedum. They would do well in the dry sunny conditions and shouldn't cause rot. They caould also give you the trailing effect if that's what you're going for.

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I use creeping jenny to cascade down pots as well as barleria in purple, orange and pink.

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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

Hi Gary!

What a beautiful bottle palm. I can imagine how heavy it was and what it took to pot it up. Great you have it on casters. Personally, I love seeing all the bottle on it. If it were me, I would not plant anything with it. Not only would it risk taking up nutrients or creating too much moisture at the base, but I wouldn't want to detract from or hide its beautiful shape. If you want to dress up the surrounding area you could always put pots with flowers in front of its pot or surrounding it to create a 'garden' without obscuring the trunk. Just my two cents. I love all the flower suggestions.


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I agree with Anna. It would be better to put pots around it. Otherwise, I'd recommend vinca because it is tough enough to survive the conditions you described.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I grew these from seed and are now over 20 ,old enough to vote ?? I have kept them over the years in my neighbors yard but they're moving so had to do something.
That pot held 4 cubic feet of soil, 3 cubic feet of pine bark and 5 gallons of leca. Decided to keep it in a pot due to my grow area has turned into deep shade . and the bottle develops much more, constrained IMO.lol
I happened to have some of the pink Lantana so stuck a couple of pieces for the effect . I can keep it pruned for sure . If it starts to interfere I can remove it .
Don't have the room for more pots lol Actually I don't have room for this monster. but what can I do ?? They're older than some of my grandchildren ,prettier too!! lol
Another suggestion I had was "Baby sun rose" a succulent that trails and flowers constantly but I'm not familiar with it. The variagated form looks fantastic !!
But the flowers are a deep pink
Anyway Thanks for all the suggestions!! If anyone is interested you can get Lantana in pink, white yellow and bicolored .combination of reddish brown and bright yellow Downright gaudy lol gary

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I grow baby sun rose too and it comes in yellow as well as the pink. :o)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Another suggestion was another sedum called Dragons blood Deep red leaves and only gets 3/4 inches high. Should be ideal thanks again gary

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There is a sedum that has yellow flowers in the Spring, but I don't know the name of it. I would think that a succulent would be the best thing since the palm is going to really suck up the water.

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Neo. "Fireball" bromeliads. They will fill the pot and climb the trunk. Sure, it will take a few years, but a couple of dozen to start would do the trick. This particular bromeliad takes full sun for best color. If you look closely at the Bottle Palm in this picture, you'll see "Fireball" at work.

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That's beautiful, Ricky!

The red really looks good against the grey trunk. And I bet it'd look cool in Gary's blue pot.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Aren't you worried about root rot??. Since it's in a pot
and always will be have to watch that . This particular one has the most exagerated "bottle " which has really taken off in the last couple of years . I think this could be a really outstanding specimen. lol
Kind of wanted something to trail over the side and kept away from the roots as well as soften the gigantic pot lol. I made the dolly as low as I could but it's still pushing ten feet and only half grown!!
Haven't been able to locate any "Dragons blood " though I did find some sun roses even a variagated cutivar . I do think red would be a good choice particularly if it will develop that gorgeous bronze color Anyway thanks for the suggestions!!! gary

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