Things Change

patsi(z7-S.Jersey)June 25, 2008

Only see this guy early morning cleaning himself. It's his 6th day in a row.

No afternoon activity,some evening perching.Only uses feeder 60 feet from house.

Sure miss the male and female flying over head while my husband tends to his veggies and I weed my flower beds.

The other guys

Who is this guy?And why won't he fly?

Robin won't fly either.

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He is a baby robin. He doesn't look like his wings are developed enough to fly. Baby birds often fall from their nests before they can fly. The parents continue to care for them. The baby calls to the parents, thus they can locate and feed him.

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I have little hope for the robin.
But one male hummer continues to visit every morning.
It's about time !!!!

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