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Rick-and-Carol(7)June 3, 2013

Just moved to a rural area and put out a feeder. One of those copper ones from the big box store. For a month there was no activity, so Friday i bought another one, but this one had lots of red on it. Within two days they were swarming all around it.
My wife was so happy, she has had hummers at previous residences so we thought we would try at our new home.
Anyway, to make a long story short i was not a believer that the "red" made any difference but i have been converted.
All red feeders from now on. In fact last night painted the copper one red.
I look forward to learning more about hummers on this forum.

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Hi Noob. Congrats on your new feathered friends, and Welcome! Welcome!

I heard the hummers don't like the shiny ones as well. I recon the bright reflections scare them, or they can't see as well to spot preditors and such. I don't know for certain, I only had one I picked up at half price, and broke it 3 days later trying to whack a wood bee with a badminton raquet. That bugger was hell bent on chasing me off, and boring holes in my house!

They find nectar primarily by sight, and plants with bright reds, oranges and yellows are generally screaming "Free Food" (in exchange for pollination, if you read the fine print)

Lots of fine, knowledgeable people here will steer you right.

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Thanks spaceman

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